Happy International Women’s Day

Women have had it tough. From being faced with sexism due to their gender or having to deal with inequality in the workplace and even in their personal lives, they’ve had to fight and turn the world around just to be able to have the same rights and benefits as everyone else. But it’s also because of all their sacrifice and what they’ve had to do to reach this point that they get to celebrate their achievements on 8th March – International Women’s Day!

This day has been celebrated worldwide for over a 100 years at this point and while most countries nowadays treat it as just a day to recognise women and their role in the world. It was originally supposed to be a very politically charged day back in its heydey, where they would go out and hold a rally or a strike for an important cause they believed in.

The first documented Women’s Day march occurred all the way back on 28th February 1909 (pretty sure most people born on that day are gone already), in the big, big bright city of New York. It was held by the Socialist Party of America as a way to remember the strike of the International Ladies Garment Worker’s Union that occurred in 1908 and mobilised thousands of people behind its cause.

Over the next few years many similar rallies, strikes or protests would pop up around that date, with one of the most important ones being 1917 for International Women’s Day in Saint Petersburg. Women went out on strike on this day to protest and fight for “Bread and Peace” and to demand an end to World War I and Czarism.

Don’t think that didn’t work, in fact; it started off a revolution in Russia. Sure, they were already planning on doing it anyway, but no one had the guts to schedule a date or a method until these brave women walked out and picked up the slack, setting off one of the greatest revolutions in history.

All of that brings us to today. Many more important events and protests have transpired on March 8th over the years, all to help us keep in mind what this day signifies even if there are people who still don’t know what this day exist. It’s not just about celebrating women but also about looking at the current situation and asking ourselves what we have to do to move forward; there is still a multitude of things to fight for and change after all.

At the same time, we have to remember that just because March 8th is Women’s Day, it doesn’t mean that we only have to recognise them on that day either. You should show your love and appreciation regardless of the day, whether it’d be your mother, sister, cousins, friends or even strangers.

And on that note, while we tend to stay impartial in regards to these articles, I’ll take this moment to speak as myself to say: Happy International Women’s Day here’s to much more and many more chances of progress.

Photo Credits: Plus Quotes, India.com

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