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The 2nd Wellness networking session was held on Wednesday night in the cozy settings of Soulfit Studio with fourteen wellness practitioners, whose specialties range from body fitness, health products to genetic-related fields. Wellness founder and session organizer, Melissa Fann chaired the networking session to the rotating fashion of speed dating. Each participant is given two minutes to pitch themselves to their partner before switching turns. After both parties have ‘presented’ themselves, one side will rotate to the next person and repeat the same process over until everyone has been acquainted around the table. Needless to say, the manner and scale of networking is more intimate than most networking events.

everybody deeply engaged in each other

During the conventional networking function, participants typically rush to make as many connections as possible and fail to spend time developing adequate rapport with potential business sponsors/dates. Another mistake made is blending into the crowd and waiting by the , hoping to meet a business representative relevant to their requirements. However, networking to the fashion of speed dating allows everybody to be mutually acknowledged and establishes a platform to network more efficiently, opening up opportunities that they might have missed had it been an ordinary networking session.

our wellness bachelors/bachelorettes lining together to commemorate the fruitful session

The atmosphere was constantly buzzing with energy as the participants worked through the party. Even after the session ended, our participants were still mingling with their new dates and arranging further meet-ups. All of this eventually died down when the venue had to be closed for the day before our participants went on their way.

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