Chinese New Year Is Saved from Sugar by This Badass Kung-Fu Fighter

Sugar darts should definitely be a thing. And that’s just one of the crazy, yet fun, things that appear in the Government of Singapore’s recent youtube video “Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar”.

It’s not surprising how it’s become so popular in just a few days, thanks to its cinematic effects reminiscent of old kung-fu movies. It even has exaggerated technique names and effects, but that just makes it all the more fun now doesn’t it?

The video’s main goal is to show the sugar intake of different CNY food and drinks, and to make sure that people remember to eat in moderation. The video itself is about a badass kung-fu warrior who has to stop an evil wizard from making people eat a lot of sugar. The video’s message itself is akin to something we did ourselves only a few weeks ago.

The Government of Singapore really excelled them in making such a fun video to carry its message across, of course the only way to truly teach people anything is through exaggerated action scenes and awesome effects. Well, not really, but it’s certainly a more fun way to do it.

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