Pop Up Yoga (East Coast Park)

For the love of health and wellness, Pop Up Yoga is an approach to give people more opportunities to explore this beautiful practice. The first in Singapore, Pop Up Yoga is an initiative, a movement, to allow more in the same community to meet, inspire and sustain each other in the path to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle.

This is the first of many, many more. We’ll be practicing yoga in all sort of funky places on the island. Think parks, open public spaces, hidden rooftops, beaches, restaurants, yachts and many many more. It’s also a fun way to explore our city too! All you need to bring is your own mat, a bottle of water to stay hydrated and a smile!

Classes have a strong foundation in Hatha Yoga, however teachers rotate and may be from other yoga styles /traditions will also be teaching so you will get to experience a plethora of styles and classes at each event.

Each class is priced at $8, seen as a donation as way to sustain the community and give back to the teachers that offer their time. Certain exclusive “pop-ups” will be using these donations to drive social causes or support local charities

Class Type: Hatha Vinyasa

This class is taught by: Shanice Soh 

Shanice discovered yoga in 2011 and only realised that yoga has evolved into more than a physical form of exercise for her when she found herself turning to the mat again and again, just how it feels like returning home. She believes that yoga nurtures the physical body and mind and can be enriching and healing when practiced with an open mind.

Trained by Annie Carpenter, Shanice teaches Hatha and Vinyasa classes with emphasis on alignment. Expect disciplined yet soft classes that cultivate focus, steady awareness and leaving you well worked and alert. Shanice is also a certified kids yoga teacher and regularly gives back to the community through karma classes.

Important Information:

By signing up for this POP UP class, it is taken that you have understood and accepted the terms in the release and waiver of liability here: http://bit.ly/1SDTUO1

Experience includes:
  • A unique yoga experience in fun, random locations around the island
  • Meet likeminded individuals who want to share a practice with you
  • Explore Singapore in a unique way
  • Class Type: Hatha Vinyasa

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