Workout Gear For Women To Keep You Movin’

They say clothes maketh the (wo)man…and there’s actual psychology behind that! Which is why your workout gear can actually motivate you to go to the gym!

We’re not kidding. It’s called “enclothed cognition” and it basically means that particular clothing affects the way you mentally feel. The study suggests that what you put on influences your behaviour and attitude due to the symbolic meaning of the clothing. Therefore, if what you wear can subconsciously change your attitude, then slipping into some hot workout gear can give you that boost to hit the gym. That probably also explains why some of us have a drawer full of yoga leggings.

So let’s kick off 2017 with these 7 new workout gear to keep you moving and sticking to your health goals.

ANJE Daisy Full Support Tank Top

Regular trips to the gym means having suitable number of tanks and ANJE’s tank top tucks in at the sides while also showing off your cute sports bra. Made with stretchable material that is also breathable and comes with great wicking. Best part? It doesn’t slip during down dog or a handstand if you decide to wear this during your yoga session.

Available at The Wellness Shop at S$69.90.

RUMI X Gamble Shorts

How cute are these shorts? Give your workout gear a burst of colour with these shorts that can be used for running, pole dancing, hot yoga and even surfing! Made from recycled plastic, not only are these shorts incredible with their wicking, they are also environmentally friendly.

The waistband is also foldable so those who prefer high rise waist line can leave it up to cover any muffin top. You can even adjust the side length through the adjustable bungee at the side.

Available at RUMI X for S$65.

RUMI X Notorious Sports Bra

A good workout gear needs to ensure that the girls are secured and we love this Notorious print by RUMI X and it accentuates your curves while also giving support. Also, gone are the days where you hide your straps. Show off the 4-way bra straps that are both sexy and practical (it supports movement in all directions). This is best for medium impact workouts such as barre, ballet, pilates and yoga.

Comes with matching leggings and capris too!

Available at RUMI X at S$70.

ANJE Flora Tonga Top

Want something a little funky but yet has more support for high impact sports or gym workouts? Then this is the one for you. ANJE’s Flora Tonja asymmetrical top definitely adds that pop not only in colour but design in your workout gear. Can be worn as a top or as a sports bra under your tank top.

Available at The Wellness Shop at S$89.90.

ANJE GILLIAN Performance Tights

You also need bottoms to support you when you workout and these tights from ANJE have you in mind. They’re breathable, with high wicking and comes with side mesh to put your mobile phone or other important things while you workout. Moreover, they move along with you and do not slip even if you’re kickboxing.

Available at The Wellness Shop at S$89.90.

Limited Edition Singapore Committee for UN Women Leggings

Gotta love design with a cause. These limited edition leggings are functional, comfortable, pretty and also with a charitable cause. For every purchase, 30% of proceeds go to the UN Women Foundation, which help raise awareness on gender equality as well as create opportunities for women. Oh, and did we mention that these leggings are suitable for crossfit, barre, yoga, ballet and pilates?

Available at RUMI X at S$125. More information on the Singapore committee of UN Women can be found at

RUMI X Truth Headband

Working out equals sweat and you wouldn’t want that dripping all over your face. Which is why a headband is great and we love this reversible headband which you can wear as a simple plain design or funky pattern – depending on your mood! Made with the same recycled plastic with great wicking, this headband will keep your head cool and all you need to do is pop it in the washing machine with the rest of your workout gear.

Available at RUMI X at S$15.


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