Our First Basic Kombucha Workshop

We conducted our first Basic Kombucha Workshop as well as our first workshop for the year on the 21st January 2017. Although the workshop was limited to only ten people, it was soon oversubscribed and there is a short waiting list for the next workshop. Looks like there are a lot of people who know what kombucha is and are interested in making their own!

Giving instructions and answering FAQs

What is kombucha? It is fermented tea and through the fermentation process, it contains lots of probiotics, amino acids, vitamin C and B vitamins. As emphasised during the workshop, it should be treated more like a supplement rather than a substitute for water but it is a good alternative to soft drinks. Especially for children who do tend to go for the sweet stuff.

Besides learning the process of making kombucha, attendees also got to taste some and they were wowed by the flavours of Banana, Pomegranate and Ginger. Most of the attendees were pleasantly surprised by the banana kombucha as they were not expecting it to taste that flavourful. Ginger was also a great hit as it was like drinking ginger ale. Some preferred the pomegranate kombucha as it was light and refreshing.

Another highlight for the day was when our nutritionist, Bonnie Lau, gave a short presentation on the nutritional facts of kombucha as well as other things to take note of in a balanced diet. One attendee asked, “What is prebiotics?” to which Bonnie replied that it was the ‘food’ that probiotics feed on within your gut. That is why certain foods, such as beans, tend to cause a bit more gas as this is a sign of your gut bacteria feeding on the prebiotics.

Apple Rosemary in Jasmine Tea Kombucha

A few attendees got really excited when they learnt how I’ve managed to increase the alcohol content in the kombucha brew by brew, and they too wanted to know how to do so. If you are interested to learn how, then you’ve got to stay tuned to our updates on when our next Kombucha Workshop will be held!

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