Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 24: Designing Atheleisure Wear MY ANJE

This week, I speak to Angelina Francesca, the designer of local athleisure wear MY ANJE, to find out why she decided to design active wear (sports wear for those who aren’t familiar with the terms ‘atheleisure’ and ‘active wear’) instead of ‘normal’ clothing. We find out what sort of woman she designs for and what body positivity also means to her in this short interview.

The Wellness Insider is also proud to be carrying MY ANJE in our Wellness Shop and you can take a look at this season’s latest pieces:

ANJE KAIRI Ultra Support Top

As mentioned, their leggings really provide support and lifts your butt while tucking in your stomach so you feel great! Best part, they don’t slip when you’re doing your exercise – be it yoga or kickboxing (which Angelina is a fan of).

ANJE Blue Leather Support Capris

We’re having up to 50% discount off ANJE active wear till the end of Jan 2017, which comes at a perfect time if your New Year’s Resolution is to hit the gym…because, it is fun to look good while you’re working out!

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