Why It’s Not The Best Idea To Ban This Blogger for Being Too Thin


Over the years, YouTube has become an important part of, not just the internet, but international culture as well.  Thanks to this great platform, people are able to make their own original content and have their voices heard by others. Whether this is shown by doing sketch shows, video game play-throughs, make up tutorials or just vlogging (Video Blogging) about their daily lives, it is still something that allows everyone to express their own unique type of freedom.

Because of this, YouTube Stars (or Youtubers for short) have gone on to become just as big, if not bigger than Hollywood movie stars. Sure, they may not appear in movies or TV shows (though a lot of them have at this point) but a new generation of kids and teenagers have grown up seeing and knowing these people, plus the format that YouTube offers also makes it easier to get to know who they are as people.

But of course, just like with normal movie stars there is always a problem, and that’s where Eugenia Cooney comes in.


Cooney is a Youtuber specialising in fashion and make up, doing videos where she dresses up in different outfits and teaches her viewers how to be able to pull them off the same way. It’s a pretty fun channel and while her style of videos is one that’s implemented by a lot of other Youtubers, one can tell that she really enjoys what she does.

Unfortunately, Cooney has been garnering a lot of controversy lately due to her skinny frame.  It’s easy to see why a lot of people would be shocked upon seeing her, even assuming her to be anorexic and that she’s not taking care of herself. This has come to the point where a lot of people have even gone to create a petition to ask YouTube to ban Cooney from posting videos, in fear of how her presence might influence younger viewers.

This is an understandable sentiment but it’s also inherently wrong in quite a few ways. Now, YouTube has denied the petition but that doesn’t mean people have calmed down about the whole subject.

The problem with this is that people are passing judgement on Cooney even though they don’t actually know what her situation is like. It’s hard to really judge whether someone is unhealthy because a lot of people are born with different body conditions – there are people who are born with thin frames (of which Cooney has affirmed of having) and sometimes even if someone looks really skinny as long as they get all the nutrients necessary, they can still be healthy without any issues.


Not only is the whole idea of banning someone because of their weight (regardless of what their weight is), this also isn’t good for the person’s own mentality. Regardless of what people say, Cooney has never actually endorsed her appearance or anything of the sort, meaning she hasn’t told anyone to be like her or anything like that.

To top it off, Cooney herself has clearly gone through a lot due to the whole controversy, even making a video to try and apologise to everyone for upsetting them. Again, it’s understandable why people would be worried (both for her sake and the sake of others) but judging other people and making them feel bad about who they are doesn’t help anyone. If Cooney herself feels happy with how she is then it shouldn’t be a problem.

Mind you, this is body shaming…even if it is about a skinny person rather than a fat one. Cooney should still be made to feel confident about her looks, which she probably was, until this whole controversy came about. Instead of judging her, it would be easier if the people who are concerned about how younger viewers might react to Conney explain how dangerous it is to be underweight or anorexic as well as how it’s wrong to recklessly try to follow someone’s body image at the expense of one’s own health. Everyone goes through their lives and accepts themselves in different ways and the best way for everyone to be happy is to be able to understand who they are and what they want to be.


Photo Credits: Youtube/Eugenia Cooney

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