Eliminate Your Fears and Doubts About Pain (Workshop)

Are you keen to learn:

  • Why and how you have joint pain?
  • The medical terms or finding of the pain in simple language
  • How to address your pain(s)

aches and pains

Join Daniel and Lay Yong at a GST™ Rehab Class on Sat, 17 Dec 2016!

In this 90 min class, you will get:

  • practical knowledge based on their extensive experience teaching clients with joint pain
  • tips and exercises on how to address the pains
  • help answer questions that medical professionals don’t have time for

$50/pax (GST™ Members)
$100/pax (Public)

BodyTree GST
100 Amoy Street

Minimum 2 persons to start a class and maximum of 6 in the class. We recommend that students who join are willing to share their joint problems.

Email [email protected] to register and payment will be at the BodyTree GST reception.

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