7 Ways to Lose Weight with Your Bike

Cycling is awesome. It is fun, dynamic and extremely healthy. Are you looking to shed some belly fat? You have an extra bit on the side and you’d like to get rid of it? Why not cycle? There’s really nothing about cycling that you won’t like. On top of that, it is good for you Read more about 7 Ways to Lose Weight with Your Bike[…]

strength training

How Can Strength Training Help You Lose Weight?

People who want to lose that extra few pounds mostly do cardio. While it’s definitely true that it will get your heart rate up and help your body burn those unwanted calories, what’s really going to give you that extra boost is proper strength training. Strength training exercise could strengthen your bones, improve your balance, Read more about How Can Strength Training Help You Lose Weight?[…]

sugar addiction

Shaking Off Sugar Part 2 – Addiction and Cravings

Sugar is everywhere! With increasing incidents of chronic disease, it’s probably time we got to grips with the role of sugar in our every day diet. Did you know that sugar causes cravings and is addictive? The craving cycle looks like this: You eat sugar – you enjoy the experience and taste. Blood sugar levels Read more about Shaking Off Sugar Part 2 – Addiction and Cravings[…]

habits to lose weight

5 Habits to Help With Weight Loss

With this holiday season, it is often hard to maintain your weight goals due to all the feasting that is involved. However, fret not as we give you some tips and habits to lose weight or simply ensure that you do not overeat. Moreover, these are habits that you can continue after Christmas, thus ensuring a sustainable method of either maintaining or losing weight.


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