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Whip Up a Vegan Brunch!

Let’s meet together to prepare some VEGAN brunch! Vegan diet can be really versatile and so delicious.  You can eat healthy and you don’t have to compromise on flavor. Classes will be conducted in accordance to plan based diet, all the dishes are also gluten-free. And the most important…. they are really yummy. We are Read more about Whip Up a Vegan Brunch![…]

vegan 101

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 21: Vegan 101

With so many hits on the article that Luke wrote about the increasing popularity on Veganism, we decided to talk to Luke and his wife, Emilie, both of whom are vegan athletes and the founders of Live Green Live Lean to get a Vegan 101 from them. We learned a little bit more about why Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 21: Vegan 101[…]

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Killing More Animals By Being Vegan or Vegetarian?

Animals are an important part of the earth, just as much as humans and plants are.  They all have their own way of helping and influencing our ecosystem, thus keeping a balance on life. Because of this, it makes sense that people should treat animals with care and fairness.  Thus, a lot of vegetarians and vegans become so with the idea of saving animals as well as the environment, citing how livestock is producing a lot of greenhouse gases and how it is cruel to eat animal products.

But…is being vegan or vegetarian really saving the planet and animals?


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The Increasing Popularity of Being a Vegan

Whether it is for health, environment or animal welfare, there is no question about the rise of veganism. Google trends suggests that interest in the search term ‘vegan’, has quadrupled in the last 6 years. So why the sudden surge in people choosing a plant-based lifesyle? Let’s look at events in recent times. Eating less Read more about The Increasing Popularity of Being a Vegan[…]

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