common cold

5 Cures for the Common Cold

For those in temperate countries, autumn is upon us and we have both rain and shine.  The recent erratic weather in Singapore has also meant that the common cold is prevalent.  Inconvenient as it may be, the common cold usually takes a week to 10 days to clear. Often the culprit is a rhinovirus spread Read more about 5 Cures for the Common Cold[…]

Cashew bhurfi

Cashew Bhurfi

It’s Deepavali!  The festival of lights.  The remembrance of good over evil.  Deepavali is also known as Laxmi Pujan, Chopda Pujan, Deva Divali, Sukhsuptika, Kaumudi Mahostavam, Badhausar, Balindra Pooja, Karthigai Deepam,  Sharda Pujan, Bandi Chhor Diwas and Diyari. The day is marked in varying ways and usually beautiful sweet foods are in abundance.  Here’s a recipe Read more about Cashew Bhurfi[…]

haagen-dazs froyo crunch

Häagen-Dazs Has Gone to the Lighter Side with Froyo

Frozen yoghurt isn’t new – with brands such as Sogurt, Llao Llao and Yami Yogurt having been around for years. Often touted as the healthier option to ice cream (thanks to probiotics and lower sugar levels in certain brands), looks like luxury ice cream brand, Häagen-Dazs™, has decided to go over to the lighter side Read more about Häagen-Dazs Has Gone to the Lighter Side with Froyo[…]

soup cleanse

Thinking About a Soup Cleanse?

The Chinese have always been promoting the nutritiousness of soups, as seen from the variety and how each type of soup is able to help soothe the lungs and other internal organs. However, with the recent trend in detox plans and juice cleanse, there is a new trend called – soup cleanse. All of us Read more about Thinking About a Soup Cleanse?[…]

vegan brunch

Whip Up a Vegan Brunch!

Let’s meet together to prepare some VEGAN brunch! Vegan diet can be really versatile and so delicious.  You can eat healthy and you don’t have to compromise on flavor. Classes will be conducted in accordance to plan based diet, all the dishes are also gluten-free. And the most important…. they are really yummy. We are Read more about Whip Up a Vegan Brunch![…]

green juice

The Truth About Green Juices and Smoothies

The popularity of green juices and smoothies have been increasing over the years, especially when health magazines or ‘experts’ have been expounding the virtues of drinking your veggies rather than chewing them. It kinda makes sense, considering that we often eat less vegetables than we’re supposed to and drinking green juices or smoothies is a Read more about The Truth About Green Juices and Smoothies[…]

pumpkin salad

Pumpkin Salad With Chicken & Avocado

Come January all I want is greens, and as I’m not a fan of a boring leafy salads that never fill you, you’re always gonna see me add quality protein and good fats! This simple salad of mixed organic leaves, roasted pumpkin and turmeric baked chicken with avocado did the job for dinner, and as Read more about Pumpkin Salad With Chicken & Avocado[…]

veg in diet

12 Vegetables to Add In Your Diet (no salads involved)

Not everyone likes veggies (especially picky children) but everyone knows the benefits of eating more vegetables or at least, having them in your meal. Whether you’re one of the veggie haters or not, here are 12 vegetables (some are technically fruits or flowers) to add in your diet and how to sneak them into your Read more about 12 Vegetables to Add In Your Diet (no salads involved)[…]

busy mums keep fit

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 19: Busy Mums Can Keep Fit!

Mums, this is for YOU! We know how crazy it can get and mothers tend to put themselves last when it comes to family and work. However, your health is important too! Kareen Lai from Mums In Sync and Nuts About Butter shares some tips on exercises, mindset changes as well as how simple it Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 19: Busy Mums Can Keep Fit![…]

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