Positive Workout Songs Playlist (Part 2)

Music influences our mood and the right songs could pump us up for an activity, while the wrong one could make us feel even more anxious or lacking energy. Which is why, listening to the right playlist while exercising can motivate us to run further or cycle faster. Here’s another list of songs that we feel will keep you all pumped up when you workout!

Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ songs have always feel somewhere between melancholic and just outright fun. Runaway Baby is one of the latter and, just like “Uptown Funk” it embodies a great feeling of cheerfulness and energy that can prepare anyone for the start of a good run. Just make sure you don’t run away too fast.

Titanium by David Guetta and Sia

If Runaway Baby is a fun and happy song then Titanium is the complete opposite. It starts off with a sad tune whose purpose is to remind you of things that depress you. However, as the song picks up, it starts to become more energetic and almost rebellious as the song talks about standing back up and overcoming problems.

Needless to say, this song is perfect for moments when you’re doubting if you can continue or not as it reminds you why you’re working out and pushing you forward.

Levels Avicii

It’s best to ride that wave of good vibes with another energetic song. While this one is mostly instrumental, it might work better than some others on this list as you have to focus only on the melody, whose techno vibe helps in raising the spirits back up after a gruelling run. Plus, we can guarantee that it’ll make you put a kick in your step.

Shake It by Metro Station

Shake it became so popular back when it came out that it got tiring. It’s song is very simple, and a good chunk of it is just repeating the title. However, this part is also catchy, and the fun beat that accompanies it can get even the people that dislike it the most to dance to it as if it was nothing.

I don’t Like it; I love it by Flor Riad ft. Robin Thicke and Verdine White

If we’re talking about good and catchy beats then no song can come up with this one, unlike Shake it which could get a bit jarring after a while, I don’t Like Its’ chorus is intermingled with some nice solo beats and melodies that’ll make you dance like there’s no tomorrow. It also helps that its bright tone and simple style also make it easy to focus on it more.

Going to Make you Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) by C+C Factory

We couldn’t exclude this early 90s classic; Everybody Dance now has become one of the more iconic songs of all time and for a good reason. It’s disco/rap combo helps it stand out from other songs, and unlike a lot of party songs, everything about this one is iconic and energising.

You should listen to it if you’re doing anything that requires you to move, but it’s perfect if you’re practising your dance moves.

Burn by Ellie Goulding

We finish this list with Burn, a song whose quiet melody and lyrics might feel a little too slow at first, but they work great as an inspirational song with the aim of lighting a fire inside of you, as the song likes to point out. It’s probably not active enough to keep you going while doing cardio or running, but listening to it as warm up or doing some simpler exercises could work better.

With all these amazing songs up front, we certainly hope that you’re able to find something you like and that works for you when you work out.

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D-Flat and the Importance of Music with Aaron Goh

A lot of people say that music is the language of the soul as it transports us to different eras, makes us feel and let out our emotions and can even encourage us to try something new or discover a new side of ourselves. It’s because of that that music has become an important part of people’s lives, the benefits that not just listening, but playing music can have on a person are innumerable. Because of that, many studios have decided to focus on teaching and helping people become better at crafting music, and today we’ll be looking at one such studio.


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Positive Workout Songs Playlist

Let’s be honest. Running on the treadmill or even jogging in the park can be boring and as such, it’s hard to stay motivated to run that last 10 minutes or even that last kilometre. However, that’s where music comes in and while we’re sure that you’ve got your favourite workout songs, here is our playlist for the New Year which will definitely get your heart rate thumping and make you feel positive while working out.

Music helps elevate the human mind and heart, pumping us up and changing our emotions with the struck of a chord, that’s why there are some songs that are just simply perfect for working out to – whether because of their powerful beats that just make you want to go out there and hit the tarmac or because of their lyrics are motivational.

So then, introducing our New Year playlist filled with workout songs that will encourage you to put on your running shoes and get movin’!

Move by Mercy Me

This song is easy to be missed by most, even though the title would immediately put exercising in anyone’s mind (or walking at least). “Move” sports (pun intended) something that every great work out song should have, which is a catchy tune that makes you want to keep…well, moving. The song’s lyrics are simple, talking about how you have to keep going even if it things get tough, but they’re perfect when you’re feeling tired and are tempted to stop.


Make a Man Out of You from Mulan

Yes, I know you’re wondering what a Disney song is doing on this list. But Disney songs have become classics over the years and Mulan is easily one of the best movies. While the song itself may not be perfect, its theme of constantly working hard and getting back up to strive and become better is inspirational at best and enough to keep you motivated and forget about any stress or issues during your workout.


Stronger by Kanye West

This song is a bit closer to “Move”. Kanye West is rather eccentric but much like the songs above, “Stronger” is about how you should keep going forward because no adversity can break you and all you’ve got to do is overcome them and become stronger. It’s certainly good to remind you to keep going and make you feel better about yourself if anything. After all, you’re working out to become stronger, and healthier!


All My Life by The Foo Fighters

“All My Life” may not seem like the perfect song for working out as it doesn’t necessarily relate to any theme about motivation or anything of the sort. But it does rely on a catchy tune and the hard rock vibes will help with pumping you up and this is especially great on a day when you’re feeling angsty. Keeping fit while de-stressing to rock music? Done!


Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson

Now this song is just fun. Uptown Funk made it into a lot of lists as one of the best songs from 2015, and with good reason. With its great rhythm and catchy tune, it is perfect for dancing, but this translate to exercise too. If you let yourself get taken over by the feeling of the song then you can easily forget about how tired you are and use that invigorating feeling of wanting to dance as extra energy instead. Just don’t get lost too much.


On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons

We’re back on track with this hit song by Imagine Dragons. “On Top of the World” is honestly a really great song, it’s catchy and makes you want to dance just like “Uptown Funk” but it also has a motivational message and lyrics that just make you want to believe in yourself and keep moving. The punctuation of the ‘hey’ in the lyrics are also cheerful enough to make it a super positive workout song!


Scream by Usher

This song is great for dancing and playing at parties but also perfect for pumping you up, making you want to keep moving and letting the lyrics take you away as you exercise. Actually, since we’ve mentioned dancing so much, you might want to blast this in your living room and just dance! Dancing itself is also an exercise and you don’t necessarily have to be at a club or with someone to dance your butt off. Plus, it’s hard not to sing and dance along to Usher.


Fighter by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is one of the best singers to come out in this generation and this song exemplifies that. It puts her skills as a vocalist in full display, matched well with great music and a catchy beat. The lyrics about recovering from hardship and growing stronger as you go is also one that can help in reminding a lot of people of why they’re working out in the first place, and, as stated before, motivation gets you a long way when it comes to staying on track.


Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) by Kelly Clarkson

This is our second song that’s entitled “Stronger” and much like “Fighter”, this song is about overcoming adversity and those that have wrong you and becoming stronger as you go. However, this one utilizes a slower melody that gives way to a powerful chorus, the slow melody helps in pumping you up and preparing yourself for the high note, which in turn fills you with energy and allows you to let out all the pent up tension inside. This song is also great if you just need to let off some steam. We also love James Arthur’s cover which is heavier on the guitar but still captures the distinct strong rhythm.


Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Now this one, this one is THE classic work out song. Featured in the classic sports film Rocky, this song is one that essentially embodies everything the last songs did (except maybe the dancing part, but it is catchy). A song that talks about preparing for a great fight and working hard to overcome your problems, to keep trying even if it seems hard and to eventually get the win. While it’s great for a sports movie that’s also what makes it great for working out, staying motivated and working harder than ever.


So that’s the list, for now at least. There are really quite a few that are perfect as workout songs while some are a bit more conventional and well-known, while others are a bit more obscure or niche. Either way remember, grab whatever device you use to listen to music and get on out there.

Photo Credits: Huffington Post

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