conscious connecting

The Art of Conscious Connecting

Open to All Genders Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee takes pride in being sex-positive, educational and light-hearted in her approach and has received only raving reviews in all her workshops! Release your inhibitions and ask your questions! Learns lots and have fun while learning. The Art of Conscious Connecting Do you have difficulty asking Read more about The Art of Conscious Connecting[…]

spreading body confidence

Spreading Body Confidence Through Pageantry

There is a lot of flak against beauty pageants, with most detractors stating that it promotes superficial standards of beauty…but what if the pageant was for plus sized women? That is something that the delegates of Miss & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size answered in heartfelt speeches in last night’s personal profile interview Read more about Spreading Body Confidence Through Pageantry[…]

swim wear

Rocking Plus Size Swim Wear

Swim wear has often been that piece of clothing which women often have body confidence issues with because it doesn’t allow you to cover up much of your flaws (although nobody is perfect) and one often feels judged. However, the ladies from this year’s Miss Top of the World Plus Size shows us that you Read more about Rocking Plus Size Swim Wear[…]

mindful eating

Where Did My Cookie Go? 5 Steps to Mindful Eating

“I’m really looking forward to that home made cookie at lunch time!” you think to yourself as you get to work. At last,  it’s break time after a busy morning. Woop! You grab your treat and take a bite. It tastes soooo good. Savouring the moment you take another. Also delicious. Then another. You then glance Read more about Where Did My Cookie Go? 5 Steps to Mindful Eating[…]

Healthy Minds Makes an Effort to Improve Mental Health Treatment in the UK

We’re in the year for Depression Awareness and with so many events that make us question the way we look at mental health, just how should we change the way we deal with it? An up and coming organization in Britain may have the answer for that.

health issues

7 Health Issues Women Face in Their 40s

Women in their 40s leave big shoes for 20 year olds to fill with their strong confidence and lush beauty. However, the 40s are a transitional period for women from adulthood to middle-age that often brings the first signs of certain health problems. Fortunately, this is a period when numerous health issues can be caught Read more about 7 Health Issues Women Face in Their 40s[…]

Get to Know The Real Person #NoLabels

We are often judged by our appearances and labelled ‘fat’, ‘skinny’, or ‘short’. This certainly causes us to lose confidence with ourselves and our body images, which isn’t the real person behind each one of us. In our body positivity campaign, we interview a few men and women to show that we are often more Read more about Get to Know The Real Person #NoLabels[…]

The Importance of Self-Defence

Especially in Singapore, it does not seem like learning self-defence is a necessary skill to possess. However, the statistics are glaring in our faces. In 2015, the rate of women being raped in Singapore alone was 4 rapes every 9 days as reported by The New Paper. And this has been on the rise since Read more about The Importance of Self-Defence[…]

life purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

What is your life purpose? Many of us still struggle to answer that question and guess what? You’re not alone. If you would like to discover more about yourself and how to live the life you truly want, join Anna of SoulFit Studios during one of the workshops on Tue, 9th May (10am to 12.30pm) or Sat, Read more about Finding Your Life Purpose[…]

Dove’s Image_Hack Aims to Create a New Perception of Women

Today we’ll talk about another company that’s quickly making its way into our hearts. Dove. Dove has been known for holding a lot of progressive campaigns but this new one shows a new type of ambition we never thought possible.

thigh gap

Comedian Shows the Ridiculousness of the Thigh Gap Phenomenon

Sometimes the best method to show people how ridiculous some things can be is through comedy, and that’s just what Luisa Omelian aims to do when she talks about a familiar topic, thigh gaps.

healthy eating

4 Healthy Eating Resolutions That Aren’t Focused on Weight Loss

When you are on the path of healthy eating, it should not just be about losing weight but rather, to be healthier and just be good to your body. After all, you only have one. Photo credits: Positive Health Wellness Please follow and like us:


First Steps to Declutter Your Life

If you’ve watched enough episodes of “Hoarders”, you will realise that the act of keeping things that you don’t need is emotionally stressful and unnecessary. Your home should be a sanctuary for you to rest and relax, especially after a hard day’s work. Thus, take charge of your life and declutter so that you can Read more about First Steps to Declutter Your Life[…]

Fashion of Plumping Up a Plus Sized Model?

The things the fashion industry makes its models go through have become pretty common news nowadays, but it’s sitll surprising to see how far they can go. Learn about the experiences this model had and the tricks implemented to get her to “look good”


The Art of Conscious Communication

There is a saying that “All is fair in love and war”. What this expression means is that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and war. Anything goes! Are you guilty of saying deceitful, hurtful things, or even lying just so you win an argument over your beloved? Have you ever experienced that even when Read more about The Art of Conscious Communication[…]

inner worth

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 29: Shining Your Inner Worth

In the last episode, Transformational and Mindfulness Coach, Elies Hadi taught us how we are our own worst enemies as we create our personal emotional prisons. Understanding that you’re trapping yourself is a step forward in growing your self-confidence but more importantly, how do we break out of this prison? This week, she dishes out advice Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 29: Shining Your Inner Worth[…]

emotional prisons

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 28: The Emotional Prisons We Create

Have you ever heard of the phrase “We are our own worst enemy”? We learn how true this is from Elies Hadi who is a Transformational and Mindfulness Coach as she tells us from experience through her clients. Find out how we create our own emotional prisons and trap ourselves, thus not enabling our inner worth Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 28: The Emotional Prisons We Create[…]


Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 27: How Much Happiness Do You Deserve?

How much happiness do you deserve? Or rather, how much do you think you deserve and how happy are you right now? Many people are often lost or they find that they can never be 100% happy with their lives but is this really true? We explore this with Anna Tan, founder of SoulFit Studios and Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 27: How Much Happiness Do You Deserve?[…]


Calcium and Its Possible Effects On Memory

We’ve all heard about the effects of calcium. It’s the reason why you were told to drink milk when you were a child; since it allows your bones to become tougher and also lets you grow stronger. However, calcium has more than just physical benefits, it can also help the mind by increasing your learning capability as well as your long-term memory. Unfortunately, it wasn’t till recently that research on the effects that calcium has on memory was done in more detail.


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feminine workshop

Powerful & Radiantly Feminine – for Ladies

This preview is a requirement to attend Ero’s Coaching Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies. Check the dates here. There is a mysterious force that has us looking at a woman and saying “Whatever she’s having… I want that”. It has nothing to do the clothes she wears or the money she has. There is Read more about Powerful & Radiantly Feminine – for Ladies[…]

love actually

A Belated V-Day Special: Love Actually

Fall in love with yourself Have you heard of this phrase: “We need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else”? This is so true. We attract what we are. Just how can we deepen our love for ourselves by ourselves? My answer: Even more love. In this session, we will support you to Read more about A Belated V-Day Special: Love Actually[…]


The Art of Femininity and Being a Strong Woman

Femininity. I bet that when you read that word, you had some stereotypes running through your head – burning bras, opinionated women being loud and in-your-face about it or a helpless damsel-in-distress girl who is dressed in frills. Notice something? Why does femininity (and feminism, which tends to be lumped into it) have a slightly Read more about The Art of Femininity and Being a Strong Woman[…]

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