sundown with love

Sundown with Love and Capeless Heroes

Sundown with Love is OSIM Sundown Marathon’s charity campaign and this year’s lead-up run was held on 31 March where 10 Ambassadors ran to raise funds for six beneficiaries for the first time in the Sundown community. These ambassadors also ran with representatives of their chosen charities in a 3km run, exemplifying how we can
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electric run 2017

Electric Run Malaysia 2017

Electric Run is one of the world’s most popular nocturnal fun run and is set to light up Malaysia again this year in what will be its biggest, brightest, neon coloured night run in the country yet. Organised by The Livescape Group, and co-presented by Rexona, Electric Run Malaysia 2017 is also supported by Malaysia
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family fitness

5 Fun Family Fitness Activities

In this digital age where we’re often on our smart devices, children are busy with video games and it may seem like we can’t live without our computers. That said, it is important to ditch these electronic devices aside and get active together as a family as explained in Melissa’s Table Top Talk on Digital
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