DreamGirl SG – Singapore’s First and Only Competition for Petite Women

The Wellness Insider is proud to be a community partner of DreamGirl SG – Singapore’s first and only competition for petite women (1.65m and below). Organised by O2 Incorporated, the competition is unlike beauty pageants or any other female-oriented competitions as they  believe in finding beautiful, intelligent and passionate ladies out there who do not fit the conventional height requirements for pageants or modelling.

Through the DreamGirl SG, the organisers want to provide a platform to let these ladies showcase their talents. More importantly, they aim to empower these women to stand up for themselves and build self confidence through participation of activities they would not otherwise have considered joining.

This year’s competition will see 17 contestants in the first round and they will be competition for a chance at winning S$5,000 in cash and over S$4,000 worth of prizes!

As mentioned above, the competition isn’t based on looks and poise but also about effort and attitude. The 17 contestants will learn gruelling yet exciting activities such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu, catch wrestling, flowboarding, paintball and even Burlesque Dancing! Through their performance in each of these activities, points will be awarded based on effort invested, attitude and quality of final performance in each challenge.

Sukki Singapora, Singapore’s first Burlesque Dancer will be teaching the ladies all about it during their activity in July

Based on the point ranking of each contestant, elimination will begin in July until there are only 10 left in August. The finals (on 26th August) will see contestants face off each other in a sparring contest, execute a fight choreographed dance segment conceptualised by MediaCorp Artiste Vincent Ng’s martial arts school, and perform a unique talent segment of their own.
All contestants will also have a chance to become Brand Ambassadors for some of the sponsors! Moreover, the exposure from the competition may also open doors that you never knew existed.
Requirements for the competition:
  • 1.65m and below
  • Physically fit with no prior issues with asthma or heart related problems
  • Be able to devote all weekends in June, July and August to the competition
  • Able to speak English fluently and express emotions as well as thoughts in a candid, forthright manner
  • Between the ages of 18 to 35

Registration ends on 25 May 2017.

If interested, do download a copy of the application form here, fill it in and email it to [email protected]. Any queries or concerns can also be addressed to the email address above.

Photo credits: O2 Incorporated

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Finding Your Life Purpose

What is your life purpose? Many of us still struggle to answer that question and guess what? You’re not alone. If you would like to discover more about yourself and how to live the life you truly want, join Anna of SoulFit Studios during one of the workshops on Tue, 9th May (10am to 12.30pm) or Sat, 20th May (2 to 4.30pm).

By attending the workshop, you will discover:

  1. Your Life Purpose
  2. Your Life Path Alignment
  3. Overcoming Hurdles

Tickets are complimentary. To register or to find out more information, please click here.

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The Art of Conscious Communication

There is a saying that “All is fair in love and war”. What this expression means is that nothing is out of bounds when it comes to love and war. Anything goes!

Are you guilty of saying deceitful, hurtful things, or even lying just so you win an argument over your beloved? Have you ever experienced that even when you won a fight, it wasn’t worth it – as the damage to the relationship was irreparable? Have you wished you were better at knowing what to say and how to handle difficult conversations?

This workshop will teach you five different practices of how to effectively handle things when either one of you gets triggered.

It’s possible to communicate about difficult subjects or uncomfortable feelings in a manner that draws both of you closer together rather than doing damage to the relationship. Quit hurting each other’s feelings, breeding resentment, or creating withdrawal. Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Coach Dr. Martha Tara Lee will share powerful communication tools that will allow you to fight without fear, and emerge unharmed – in fact, feeling more connected and intimate with your partner. These skills will also be relevant in your social interactions with friends and colleagues.

When you have the ability to work with yours and your partner’s emotions, relating can become an exciting journey of self-discovery and healing. Singles wishing to learn these relating skills are welcomed to attend.

Date: Fri 24 March 2017
Time: 7:15 – 9:30p.m. (We will start at 7:30p.m. sharp)
Venue: The Blue Lotus, 39 Tembeling Road Singapore 423582
Directions: Bus 33. If coming by cab (advisable), you may wish to tell the cab driver that it is a shophouse, diagionally opposite Kuam Im Tng Temple, and at the cross-junction of Joo Chiat Place.
Energy Exchange:  S$38 per person

btn Free30DT orange An Evening with Ye Ruoshi: A Womans Journey of Overcoming Vaginismus

Please note that no refunds is possible once you have paid and cannot make it for the workshop. Replacement allowed. Do check out our media policy as well.

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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 29: Shining Your Inner Worth

In the last episode, Transformational and Mindfulness Coach, Elies Hadi taught us how we are our own worst enemies as we create our personal emotional prisons. Understanding that you’re trapping yourself is a step forward in growing your self-confidence but more importantly, how do we break out of this prison? This week, she dishes out advice on how to break out of this prison and make our way out of this vicious circle by discovering and letting your inner worth shine through.

To find out more about Elies Hadi, do visit her website at www.elieshadi.com.

Details of her workshop on 13 April will be released once confirmed.

Melissa’s Table Top Talk happens every Tue at 8.30pm (Singapore Time) at Wellness Insider’s Facebook page. To be updated on the latest episodes, you can also subscribe via our YouTube channel.


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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 28: The Emotional Prisons We Create

Have you ever heard of the phrase “We are our own worst enemy”? We learn how true this is from Elies Hadi who is a Transformational and Mindfulness Coach as she tells us from experience through her clients. Find out how we create our own emotional prisons and trap ourselves, thus not enabling our inner worth to shine through.


Similar to Episode 27 where Anna talked about the mindset for happiness, Elies pointed out how strong the mind is in creating our own reality and therefore, our emotional prisons if we choose to believe all the negative things that both our external and internal voices tell us.

inner worth

As mentioned in the video, knowing that you’re trapped in an emotional prison isn’t enough. You need to know how to break the vicious circle and that is the topic that we’ll be covering in next week’s Table Top Talk so do join us every Tue, 8.30pm (Singapore Time) at Wellness Insider’s Facebook page. To be updated on the latest episodes, you can also subscribe via our YouTube channel.


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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 27: How Much Happiness Do You Deserve?

How much happiness do you deserve? Or rather, how much do you think you deserve and how happy are you right now? Many people are often lost or they find that they can never be 100% happy with their lives but is this really true? We explore this with Anna Tan, founder of SoulFit Studios and Coaching Go Where, who is also a life transformation coach and get some tips on how we can attain 100% happiness 100% of the time.


As Anna mentioned, she will be holding a few Coffee Sessions to help you discover what your life purpose is, so that you can learn how to live the life you truly are meant to have and add onto your level of happiness! If you’re interested, do click here.

Catch the ‘live’ version of Melissa’s Table Top Talk every Tue, 8.30pm (Singapore Time) at Wellness Insider’s Facebook page. To be updated on the latest episodes, you can also subscribe via our YouTube channel.

Find out more about SoulFit Studios and Anna here.


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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 26: Common Mistakes Affecting Financial Health

Do you know the status of your financial health? If you do, great! If you don’t, you’re not alone. We kick off our latest season of Melissa’s Table Top Talk with Elsa Lim of Money Fit Coach as we talk about the common mistakes people make that affect their financial health.

Below is an excerpt from Elsa’s book “When Love and Money Are Gone” under the chapter entitled “Taming The Debt Monster”:

Getting your first paycheck and your first credit card is a heady experience for most 20-somethings. When I was in my early 20s, I remember feeling that sense of power when I held my first Visa credit card, knowing that it could buy me that dream outfit, vacation, designer watch, bag and indeed, anything I wished – never mind the bills that came afterwards!

Jayne, 34, was no different when she was in her early 20s. She recalls, “I was a diploma holder fresh out of polytechnic, with no clue about what I wanted in my life or career. I splurged on all sorts of things and basically lived from paycheck to paycheck.” She was in Taiwan at that time, working with a Singapore IT company as a project management executive and earning just enough to subsist on.

After five years of this hand-to-mouth existence in Taiwan, she came back to Singapore and took a long hard look at herself: a 25-year-old woman with not a single cent saved or asset to her name, stuck in a job that offered few prospects. Some young women may have accepted this situation as the norm and turned their energy to finding a life partner to provide financial and emotional security. Jayne, however, was disturbed by the thought that she would never be in control of her life.

“I remember saying to myself: I’m 25 and I still have nothing. What exactly do I want in life? I don’t want to end up 10 years down the road with no savings, no assets and having to support my parents as an only child. My income needs to grow otherwise I’d be nowhere at the end of day; I would just be another mediocre person, and I hate to be mediocre!” Jayne recalls.

Her fears of having no money and assets was partly due to her early memories watching her father splurge, borrow and gamble until their family home had to be sold off to pay his debts. From the age of 18, Jayne and her parents lived in a series of rented apartments. “I didn’t like the feeling that we couldn’t have a place to call our own,” she recalls.

Ten years on from that wake-up call, Jayne has far surpassed her family’s and friends’ expectations. Calling herself a “technologist”, Jayne has carved out a niche for herself in the world of high finance, becoming one of very few women to enter the male-dominated world of project management, where her team delivers IT systems and solutions for the banking and financial industry.

Within a span of 14 years, she has applied her project management expertise in a variety of industries from banking and finance to media and telecommunications. Her income has also grown tenfold and her career has taken her to more destinations and given her more career exposure and opportunities as compared to all her friends.

“I knew that I couldn’t get rich by investing in the stock market because I have no interest in following stocks. I had to focus on what I’m good at, which is my work, and I had to commit to a financial plan that gave me the outcomes I want,” says Jayne. She used her steadily increasing CPF Ordinary Account savings to purchase her family home with her parents – a modest HDB five-room flat. She set herself the goal of paying off her housing loan in 10 years and met her target recently. Her car loan is also settled, making her debt-free and in an enviable position to spend or invest her money in whatever way she wants.

Now married and mother of a young son, Jayne travels Business Class, enjoys dining out with her family and friends in nice restaurants, pampers herself on spa holidays and owns a few designer handbags. She and her husband, however, were very clear about how their money should be spent on big-ticket items, even before they got married five years ago.

“When we decided to get married, we did our sums and looked at our budgets. There was a lot of pressure from both our families to stage a grand fairytale wedding at a top hotel but we both agreed that every ridiculous demand from our family members would be managed according to how we want our wedding to be,” Jayne recalls.

She and her husband, who is also a project manager, managed every detail of their wedding, which was eventually held in a small, intimate hotel, attended by their closest friends, family members and relatives. “Weddings can be expensive and we said to ourselves, ‘Is it worth having a fairytale wedding followed by bills and stress in our married life? Let’s be realistic instead, and have something sweet and memorable’ – and we did,” says Jayne.

Forgoing their honeymoon, she and her husband decided to buy a car. Says Jayne, “I believe in delaying gratification – why spend unnecessarily, when you know that there are more important priorities and considerations?”

Her refusal to be financially stressed informs all her decisions about money. Jayne enrolled her son in a private kindergarten that comes with a four-figure school fee every month because she believes in giving him the best education that she can afford. Unlike many young professionals, however, she refuses to “upgrade” from her HDB flat to fancier private property, or to buy a second home. She and her husband still live happily with her parents in the flat that she bought years ago. They have no domestic help and take turns caring for their son.

“I really don’t need the kind of validation that living in a District 9 or 10 brings. Nothing is really worth paying more than $1,000 per square foot for and seeing half of your paycheck going towards housing. I prefer to have my money work for me, instead of the other way round,” says Jayne.

Taking the road less travelled instead of following the crowd has given Jayne the freedom to expand her horizons in other areas. She and her husband will be taking a big leap in their careers as they will be posted by their respective companies to work in the United States. She is looking forward to the move with much anticipation and excitement. “It’s not about the pay but about the tremendous learning opportunity for both my husband and myself, and for our son,” explains Jayne.

For a diploma holder who has worked her way up from nothing to the top of her game at age 34, Jayne has a down-to-earth philosophy about herself and her relationship with money: “Be realistic and don’t set ridiculous financial goals. I’ve always been very clear about what I want and what to do next. Everything I do is something that I can sustain,” she declares.

If money is a monster that often drives us to spend and invest recklessly, piling on debt after debt, Jayne has indeed tamed it by focusing on what’s really important and meaningful to her: professional and personal growth, the happiness of her family, and most importantly, no financial stress!

Catch the ‘live’ version of Melissa’s Table Top Talk every Tue, 8.30pm (Singapore Time) at Wellness Insider’s Facebook page. To be updated on the latest episodes, you can also subscribe via our YouTube channel.

Find out more about Money Fit Coach and Elsa Lim here.

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Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies

This is not a drop-in class. Please make sure you have attended a two-hour Art of Feminine Presence preview prior to signing up for this. Please check all available dates here.

Are you ready? This is not your average one day workshop! Get ready for major results!

You will experience practices that instantly shift you into a more Radiant, Attractive, Magnetic, Present, Powerful, Receptive, Succulent, Grounded, and Joyful state with good boundaries.

spiritual (4)Women know a lot, we’ve done our work, and we are being called like never before to show up and be seen and heard with their messages, gifts, and full embodiment of themselves.

But many are struggling & frustratedwith their level of confidence, personal presence, and don’t know how they are really coming off to others. They are confused about their magnetism, and about their defence mechanisms (habits) that they’ve unconsciously developed to feel safe, that may actually decrease their presence, or even worse, repel others.

Many women also have a heart longing for a deeply passionate and spiritual relationship. But we’ve been cut off from the most nourishing, magnetic, deeply rooted, receptive, intuitive, mysterious, healthy, passionate, succulent part of ourselves, –the part of ourselves needed to attract these things into our lives — -due to career, trauma and abuse, & societal conditioning.

Come home, sisters… you are safe and loved here…

What this work can do for you:

  1. Develop a strong, magnetic presence that attracts the healthy attention you want: personally and professionally.
  2. Feel more comfortable with your sensuality and feel safer and at ease with receiving attention without shutting down.
  3. More fully understand how connecting to your feminine energy helps you attract and keep the intimate partnership you desire.
  4. Learn energetically strong boundaries while keeping an open heart with those with predatory energy or draining energy.
  5. Access the most attractive force you have within you – your feminine essence.
  6. Stop using the exhausting method of forcing to get things done, learn to follow your inner power –that is productive and more joyful.
  7. Experience more passion in your life – particularly your love life.
  8. Learn to follow your body’s wisdom and “higher guidance” rather than always pushing to make things happen.
  9. Look and feel more authentically confident walking into any room.
  10. Tap into an endless source of creative power!
  11. Learn energetic practices that spark an instant expansion of a woman’s personal presence & radiance.
  12. Learn to not let self-consciousness & fear stop you, and to not let performer-consciousness drain you by always feeling you need to be “on.” This promotes deep rest at the same time as being deeply invigorating.

“I’ve definitely seen women who radiate something magical, adding light and energy to everyone around her. I want to be her more often. I signed up, not knowing what to expect. In an hour, I walked out with a tangible and easy way to be the flowing, relaxed yet lively, sharp yet soft, woman that I’d like to be. What struck me most was the different ways we gaze at each other — and how it represents who we are, and how others feel about us. Martha is skilled guiding us to recognise subtle nuances through exercises, and at explaining abstract ideas in practical, applicable ways. I left knowing that I can feel and be the way I want more often, and (full disclosure) committed to the extended course to practice.” – Angela Ognev, 29 Dec 2014

“Martha is a great facilitator. I really love learning about my power centre and how it can change my life. Just a simple exercise during Martha’s class and I could already feel the difference in my speech patterns and demeanor.” – Anonymous lady, 9 April 2015

More testimonials here.

Follow your intuition into more of your success, creativity, and positive experiences!

Be Seen * Be Heard * Inspire Change

Date: Sun 12 March 2017

Time: 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Investment: $298 per lady includes one-hour lunch (before 15 Feb)  / S$328 (after 15 Feb)

Venue for workshops: The Blue Lotus39 Tembeling Road Singapore 423582

Directions: Bus 33. If coming by cab (advisable), you may wish to tell the cab driver that it is a shophouse, diagionally opposite Kuam Im Tng Temple, and at the cross-junction of Joo Chiat Place.

This is not a drop-in class. Please make sure you have attended a two-hour Art of Feminine Presence preview prior to signing up for this. Please check all available dates here.

btn Free30DT orange Cinderbella: Dancing Past Midnight

Please note that no refunds are possible once you have paid and cannot make it for the workshop. Replacement allowed. 

This workshop is facilitated by Dr Martha Tara Lee.

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