Get to Know The Real Person #NoLabels

We are often judged by our appearances and labelled ‘fat’, ‘skinny’, or ‘short’. This certainly causes us to lose confidence with ourselves and our body images, which isn’t the real person behind each one of us. In our body positivity campaign, we interview a few men and women to show that we are often more than just a label.

As you can tell, many a times, some of the labels can be hurtful and down right ridiculous. Take the time to get to know the real person behind your label.

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Singaporean Wins Second Runner Up in Mrs Top of the World 2017

Congratulations to 43 year-old Ice Sherry Lee who recently competed in the international Mrs Top of the World pageant in Riga, Latvia! The Singaporean mother of two was one of the few Asians in the competition and she bagged the title of Second Runner Up, beating 16 other contestants who were mostly in their early 30s. The cheerful Singaporean beauty also won the award for Mrs Photogenic.

mrs top of the world

According to Ice, she shared that the competition was “pretty intense” as some of the contestants had an entourage following them everywhere to ensure that they looked good all the time. Nonetheless, this beauty with the short cropped hairdo stood out from the rest with her ability to look outstanding plus confident through careful choices of colour and clothes that match her skin and body shape. It is hard to believe that Ice had never worn a stitch of make up until she joined SIA as a flight attendant at the age of 24 years-old!

The results of the pageant were determined through four factors: paid public online voting (including social media), beauty, poise and confidence. It’s no wonder that this former model scored high in all segments, as seen through her sizeable following. Ice is currently the founder of Aphrodite Image Consultancy as well as the owner of Shine Models, and she shared what her beauty secrets are: drinking sufficient water, getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily, a regular detox regime as well as a rigorous daily skincare routine.

The dedicated mother of a boy and a girl still takes the time to ensure that her children eat properly by cooking almost every meal for them.

When asked what this win in an international pageant means to her, Ice commented, “I want to show that even when middle age hits, it is possible for any woman to still be beautiful when one masters the art of dressing for success and takes good care of herself while putting her strengths to work.”

We’re certainly proud of Ice for clinching this international title for Singapore and we definitely want to look as good as she does when we hit our 40s!

Photo credits: Mrs Top of the World 

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Dove Showcases #RealBeauty with their New Body Wash Bottles

Dove has done it again with their latest body positive campaign! They have managed to come up with this brilliant marketing campaign that not only shows how we all come in many shapes and sizes, but we are all the same too. Helmed by Ogilvy London, Dove came up with bottles of their body wash in different shapes and sizes even though they all have the same content.

The bottles are meant to represent the fact that even though women come in all shapes and sizes, they’re all unique and should be treated equally, just like the bottles all have different ways but accomplish the same purpose.

As you can see from the jazzy number, Dove aims to make sure that people understand that beauty comes in all forms and should be celebrated as such. These limited edition bottles are quite refreshing to see on the shelves and really drives home the message to consumers in a tangible manner.

Nevertheless, while the commercial appears to be doing well, a lot of people on Twitter have instead taken to criticising and making fun of the bottles, with some people noting that they aren’t representative of all body types and others just mocking it for no reason.

It’s the Internet so this isn’t surprising, but it does make you think about whether people are receptive towards attempts at increasing body positivity. It’s certainly a more brazen attempt since we are just speaking about bottles, but you can also make a case about how the things that surround us also influence the way we see the world.

Either way, you still can’t knock Dove for trying to spread the message, but it’s not surprising considering they had already done this with Image_Hack last month. Still, regardless of people’s reactions, the attempt should still be appreciated because for a beauty company, Dove is really going above and beyond by celebrating all kinds of beauty instead of sticking to stereotypes. After all, the world is diverse and that’s what makes us all unique individuals who should be celebrated daily.

Photo Credits: AdWeek



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DreamGirl SG – Singapore’s First and Only Competition for Petite Women

The Wellness Insider is proud to be a community partner of DreamGirl SG – Singapore’s first and only competition for petite women (1.65m and below). Organised by O2 Incorporated, the competition is unlike beauty pageants or any other female-oriented competitions as they  believe in finding beautiful, intelligent and passionate ladies out there who do not fit the conventional height requirements for pageants or modelling.

Through the DreamGirl SG, the organisers want to provide a platform to let these ladies showcase their talents. More importantly, they aim to empower these women to stand up for themselves and build self confidence through participation of activities they would not otherwise have considered joining.

This year’s competition will see 17 contestants in the first round and they will be competition for a chance at winning S$5,000 in cash and over S$4,000 worth of prizes!

As mentioned above, the competition isn’t based on looks and poise but also about effort and attitude. The 17 contestants will learn gruelling yet exciting activities such as Brazilian Ju Jitsu, catch wrestling, flowboarding, paintball and even Burlesque Dancing! Through their performance in each of these activities, points will be awarded based on effort invested, attitude and quality of final performance in each challenge.

Sukki Singapora, Singapore’s first Burlesque Dancer will be teaching the ladies all about it during their activity in July

Based on the point ranking of each contestant, elimination will begin in July until there are only 10 left in August. The finals (on 26th August) will see contestants face off each other in a sparring contest, execute a fight choreographed dance segment conceptualised by MediaCorp Artiste Vincent Ng’s martial arts school, and perform a unique talent segment of their own.
All contestants will also have a chance to become Brand Ambassadors for some of the sponsors! Moreover, the exposure from the competition may also open doors that you never knew existed.
Requirements for the competition:
  • 1.65m and below
  • Physically fit with no prior issues with asthma or heart related problems
  • Be able to devote all weekends in June, July and August to the competition
  • Able to speak English fluently and express emotions as well as thoughts in a candid, forthright manner
  • Between the ages of 18 to 35

Registration ends on 25 May 2017.

If interested, do download a copy of the application form here, fill it in and email it to [email protected]. Any queries or concerns can also be addressed to the email address above.

Photo credits: O2 Incorporated

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Comedian Shows the Ridiculousness of the Thigh Gap Phenomenon

It’s always good to have a laugh, especially when it’s about something that either bothers us a lot or makes no sense when taken out of context. That’s what comedians like Luisa Omielan aim to do – point out the contradiction in how people tend to see themselves and what they think it’s expected of them to be; and her topic of the moment is the infamous thigh gap phenomenon.

Luisa is a comedian who talks about the experiences women go through due to their bodies not being up to what others expect, from having a noticeable gut to not being able to look young and beautiful forever. These are all things that women have to deal with in their daily lives always, and it’s what makes her A-list material.

In a recent Stand-Up routine in Australia, Luisa brought up the interesting thigh gap subject. Her joke centred on the fact that a lot of women are always stressing over trying to achieve a perfect thigh gap, whether it’d be exercising till they drop or eating only the bare minimum to be skinny enough to reach that “ideal”.

Of course, some people naturally have thigh gaps due to their body structure but this phenomenon became really controversial because a lot of women seen on social media with thigh gaps are very skinny. Thus, it drove people to want to be skinnier so that their thighs don’t touch each other when they stand up straight, allowing a clear space in the middle.

We’ve talked about the mystery that is the thigh gap once before, as well as how social media influences us and puts unrealistic expectations for what we should do or look like.

Nevertheless, even if people are told that what they’re trying to pursue is hard to obtain that won’t mean their opinions will change. As we stated before, sometimes you need a more whimsical and comical approach to get people to look at themselves and question what’s around them.

Luisa added this to her routine and combines it with jokes that are meant to make fun of our insecurities and in doing so, the satire makes us feel better about ourselves as it points out how ridiculous it really us. In her routines, she both mocks the typical situations that someone might end up in due to their weight or appearance and then turns it around by talking about how we should be proud of them regardless of what others say and not be so self-deprecating.

Thigh gap or no thigh gap, one shouldn’t be working towards some ideal body shape or size because each of us are built differently. What is more important is loving yourself and taking the right steps to a healthy life through proper exercise and diet. Be confident!

Photo Credits: Shape magazine

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Woman of Influence Interview on Soul Rich Woman

Our founder, Melissa Fann, was interviewed by Genecia Alluora of Soul Rich Woman as part of their “Women of Influence” series. As such, the topic was about how Melissa is a woman of influence – what that means in today’s terms and how does one become influential.

As mentioned by Melissa during the interview, we will be giving 1 free ticket to our upcoming Kombucha Workshop on the 20th May. To take part in the contest, all you’ve got to do is ‘Like’ our Facebook page and then drop us a direct message that you’ve watched the video and that you’d like to take part! We will pick one winner whose name will be announced on the 15th.

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How to Take Selfies like a Pro

The art of taking selfies. It is how we can see ourselves and how others see us in this social media age. The built-in camera in our handy smartphones have enabled us to freely take selfies, and of other people and memories we wish to keep. Some people feel that this is a sign of how our society has become increasingly narcissistic and self-indulgent while others choose it as their form of self expression. However, it is also because with self-facing cameras on your smartphone, you now get to choose how you look in your photos before taking them and gone are the days where you had to trust a stranger with your camera to take that ‘perfect’ shot.

Needless to say, selfies are here to stay. Yet, taking a good selfie can be a bit of an art. So, we’ve decided to lay out some tips for you so that you look and feel your best when you take your #selfie.

Know the ‘magic’ angle and position

Some people unknowingly stick to an almost symmetrical photo with their face right in the middle of it. That just looks like a passport photo. Instead, try positioning yourself to one-third of the picture. This helps give personality to your selfie. Also, try to position your phone just above your chest, in line with your shoulder, arms stretched and aim the lens at you. This will make your selfie look less generic since you are likely to capture a small area of background.

selfie credit: Kristi Randel

Always keep the phone steady until it is focused

This might seem like a really trivial action but you will be surprised at how often people rush to take selfies, only to have a blurred image. It pays to do it right the first time and make that smile count! You’ll remember how happy you are to capture that joyful moment over recalling a worn-out smile.

Use both hands to hold your smartphone so you can have more control. One to press the shutter release button and the other to keep the phone steady.

Choose your filters before taking the selfie

Noir, sepia, process…smartphones nowadays come with this function and it is always a great idea to consider the occasion and match it to the filter.

For example, if you’re taking a selfie with a quiet background with a fair amount of greenery, choose the effect that saturates the colours to give it a vibrant energy. If you’re taking a selfie in an urban setting, one sure option is to do it in monochrome (black & white).

Keeping the melancholic feel in a urban setting

Monochrome makes for a good filter if you have a simple subject and theme for your selfie

Get your lighting right

All smartphone cameras are now smart enough to sense the lighting of your shot. All you got to do is to tap on the side of the face so you can achieve a well-balanced exposure for your selfies. People often tap exactly at the center of the face and the phone’s camera occasionally mixes up the exposure, giving too much priority on the face and ignoring the background. This ends up with a glowing face floating in a darkened background.

Always position yourself against any light.

This ensures your face is well lit and looks flattering and there will not be any lens flare in your selfie. If you’re going for a sunset/sunrise selfie, always check that the exposure for your selfie is well-adjusted. Smartphone cameras nowadays are able to adapt to settings like these.

Here is a good example of balanced lighting for a sunrise selfie. The face and body features are well contrasted and visible against the sunrise and picturesque background.

selfie credit: tallgirltravel

That said, everyone has a different look so always play around with lighting and your camera angle so you can identify what works best with you.

Know your smartphone camera potential

As a rule, older smartphones will definitely have lower potential for amazing selfies so be understanding on the quality if you do not have the latest smartphone. Smartphones nowadays are progressing faster each with Huawei releasing the P10 series just last month. The picture quality is pretty sharp and vibrant, and looks equally good after transferring it to my iPhone 5S. There are other key features that work amazingly well together with the image quality.

The supercharge function, studio-like editing and portrait enhancement feature makes it great as a phone for selfies and locking in your memories on your outings.

In terms of photo-taking features, the P10 series is currently in the lead followed by the iPhone 7 series. We’ve taken some comparison photos taken by both iPhone 7 and Huawei P10 below.

iPhone 7 (left)                                                Huawei P10 (right)

The iPhone 7 does not handle lighting well and have problems with differentiating the person with the background. The key drawback of the P10 is when you use it against a colourful background as seen in the first photo. Normally it would work out if you tried out the filter tip for selfies with green backgrounds with other smartphones. P10 on the other hand has already done the work for you.

Do something interesting or have an interesting pose

Pose with props, sit on a yatch, smile, look silly or grin like today is the best day you’ve had. Make your selfies memorable because that’s what they’re supposed to be!

selfie credit: Kristi Randel

Find image editing applications that will help boost the quality of your selfie

I used to be unaware of all the apps available to help improve your smartphone-taken selfies and my selfies were looking rather dull; snapshot without frames, lack of background effects, layout flexibility. After being introduced to other image editing applications like Layout and Squaready, my images were beginning to meet the ‘standards’ of social media. Other relevant apps are various snapshot timers that gives you time to get into position after pressing the shutter button. A few popular apps for editing selfies is Perfect 365 (free) and Facetune 2 (with monthly subscription) and of course, if you like to have motion selfies, you can never go without Boomerang.



Photo credits: The Verge, Huawei,

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Giant Boob Makes a Statement About Breastfeeding

Last Sunday was Mothers’ Day in the UK and if you were in the Shoreditch area of London, you would’ve seen a giant inflatable breast with a prominent nipple sitting on top of a building.

free the feed

Now, before you start thinking that this is some sort of shock art or an ad for porn, it was marketing agency Mother London’s project called #FreeTheFeed as “It’s hard to believe that in 2017 UK mothers still feel watched and judged when feeding in public, by bottle or breast.” according to their blog post.

This judgement does not just occur in the UK for sure, as this topic has been brought up several times in the US and even in Singapore where most people feel that mothers should not breastfeed their children in public (even with a nursing scarf) as it is “offensive”. That boggles our minds here in The Wellness Insider because feeding one’s child is very natural and the mother often reveals less cleavage (or boobage) than a lingerie model plastered on large billboards for both young and old to see.


Kudos to the team at Mother London who were brave enough to carry out this project and Free The Feed. As they put it so aptly, we should celebrate “every woman’s right to decide how and where they feed their children without feeling guilty or embarrassed about their parenting choices.”

Nonetheless, societal pressures are very strong and recently, a mother breastfeeding her child in the MRT (subway) without a nursing scarf had her photo taken and posted up on Singapore’s STOMP to publicly shame her. Of course, the photographer had an issue with the lack of a nursing scarf but many members of the public who responded in the comments section were offended at the fact that she was breastfeeding in public to begin with!

Seems absurd that mothers could feel stressed about feeding their child in public. Perhaps a huge inflated boob in the middle of London would create more conversation to end this stigma of public feeding.


Photo credits: Mother London and Adweek

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