7 Home Remedies to Treat Eyebags

Having ‘panda eyes’? Puffy eyes or dark rings are often a result of your body being tired, an allergic reaction or simply because you’re ill. No matter what caused your chronic eyebag, having them will make you look tired and ill, which is not desired if you need to look sharp for that crucial business meeting or when you’re on a hot date.


While you do need to focus on the reason for your puffy eyes – as they’re a symptom of an underlying problem – you can take steps to improve the look of your eyes. There’s no need to invest in expensive medication or constantly seek help from medical experts.

These seven home remedies have been used for years – in some cases centuries – to help improve the look of the eyes. They’ll work for redness, puffiness, and black circles under the eyes.

Cold tea bags

The great thing about this remedy is that there’s no waste! After you’ve drunk your cup of tea, pop the bags into cold water and then remove them to slightly dry them out.

The benefits from tea bags come from both the cold temperature and the tea itself. This method is especially beneficially if you opt for green tea bags instead of black ones since there are more healing properties in green tea.

Let’s start with how the coolness helps. When any part of your body is inflamed, it can end up hot and sore. You want to relieve the burning sensation, and that is just what the coolness of the tea bag will do. When you relieve the heat, you can help to reduce the swelling in the eye bags. The cold will help to dilate the blood vessels, pushing them further down into the body so that your eyes can stop swelling as much.

Green tea is full of antioxidants. Your skin will soak them in through some of the cold liquid, helping your immune system fight off whatever reason your eyes are swelling up and burning. Even if your swelling isn’t due to an illness, the antioxidants will help to reduce the inflammatory response that has occurred, helping to keep the puffiness to a minimum. The caffeine in the tea will also help to reduce the swelling and help soothe the skin under your eyes.

Place the tea bags over your closed eyelids and leave for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this a few times throughout the day, as often as you feel the burning need relieving. You should find the puffiness reducing throughout the day and into the first week of using them.

Do watch out for the tea. You want to avoid getting it in your eyes as it can cause irritation. Rinse out the eyes with cool water after using the tea bags.

Keep hydrated

Inflammation can occur when the body is dehydrated. Your body retains water, and this can happen all over. Of course, it leads to the unsightly problem of puffy and red eyes.

Your eyes will also be affected by dehydration. Your body takes fluid from wherever it can, which leads to dry eye and irritation. As you rub your eyes – admit it, we all do this at times – they become more irritated and start to redden and inflame.

The best thing you can do is make sure your body is as hydrated as possible. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of fluid throughout the day – no, this doesn’t have to be plain water! If you are ill, have exercised, or it’s hot, you will need to intake a little extra water to replenish the fluids that you are losing.

You can work on this by drinking a full glass of water before each meal. This won’t just keep you hydrated, but will also help you feel fuller before your meals. You’ll eat fewer calories, helping you to lose weight, which could contribute to inflammation in the body.

Try to avoid carbonated or caffeinated drinks. They dehydrate the body further. Water is the best, but green tea, cordials, or green smoothies can help you get the fluid intake.

Also, keep the amount of salt you must a minimum. High sodium levels in the body dehydrate you and lead to water retention.

Place cucumbers on your eyes

How many times have you seen people use cucumbers while wearing face masks? This isn’t just something quirky. The cucumbers have healing benefits for the eyes for multiple reasons.

Let’s start with the hydration. Remember that fact that dehydration causes inflammation? Well, cucumbers are mostly made up of water. When you place them on the eyes, your skin can soak in the water directly in the area that needs the help.

At the same time, cucumber juices have anti-inflammatory properties. The juices will encourage your body to reduce the swelling, helping you to see results by getting rid of the puffy eyes instantly. The juices also have skin tightening benefits. As you get rid of the puffiness, you can be assured that there isn’t any loose skin to form drooping bags, which tend to look worse than the red puffiness in the first place!

Make an egg white face mask

There is a ton of protein in eggs that your skin around the eyes will benefit from. In fact, the skin across your whole face will benefit from an egg white face mask as the skin cells will rejuvenate better through the addition of protein. The muscles tighten, and the tissues strengthen.

You only need to use the egg whites for about 15 minutes on your face. When the egg whites dry and pull the face in, it also moisturises the skin. Place your cucumber pieces over your eyes at the same time to add the benefits of both ingredients for your eye bags.

Wash off the egg whites with some lukewarm water. This helps to prevent the pores opening too much and the skin getting loose again.

You will need to use an egg white mask daily for a few weeks to see all the benefits. Once your eye bags disappear, it’s worth using the face mask on a weekly basis at least to help keep the skin tight.

Daily facial exercises

There are muscles on your face and they also need a workout – just like other muscles in your body. But of course, facial exercises are more like facial massages, which help to relax and improve blood circulation. Best part of facial exercises – you only need about 20 minutes and you can do this anytime, anywhere.

To improve your eyebags, simply concentrate more on the exercises around your eye area. Click here to view the full facial exercise.

Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera has become much more popular in recent years. It’s known as a powerful weight loss tool, but also offers various other health benefits. One of the health benefits is the reduction of  inflammation.

It’s the oils that you’ll mostly use from the plant. They are traditionally added to cream, which is then applied topically to the area that you want to improve. Aloe vera creams and oils make excellent night masks if you want to sleep through the work.

One of the benefits is in the vitamin E in the aloe vera. It helps to repair the skin cells and supports the tissues. This works with the antioxidants to help support the immune system and reduce the inflammatory response. Make creams help to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, reversing the signs of aging.

You’ll also improve the blood flow to the eyes, especially if you massage the oils gently into the skin. Good blood flow helps to reduce inflammation around the area and will improve the tightness of the skin.

Change the way you sleep

The best remedy is still good ole ‘beauty’ sleep and if you’re tired despite sleeping 8 hours, it might be the quality of sleep or the position you sleep in that is affecting you.

When you sleep on your front or side, gravity will start to pull the fluid into your body downwards. While the blood keeps flowing, there will be more in the parts of the body that are closer to the ground. That means your eyes start to gain more fluid retention.

If you lie on your back, you get rid of the issue with gravity. The fluid is pulled away from your eyes and into the back of your head and body instead. There is more surface area for the fluid to spread out.

You can also help to keep the fluid away from your face by sleeping slightly upright. This is an excellent position if you have trouble breathing while sleeping. Gravity can’t pull your tongue back, causing a potentially blocked air pipe.

If you do struggle to sleep, it’s worth considering why that is. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try other home remedies, the eyes will suffer if you don’t get a good quality night’s sleep.

Time to try them!

Now it’s completely up to you. There are many home remedies that you can try to get rid of the eye bags and puffiness. Some of them can even be used together if you want to improve the look of your eyes quickly.

There are some more long-term efforts. This is especially the case with facial exercises and better sleeping positions. They’re worth the effort, but you need to start creating a habit right now.

While you focus on how to get rid of the eye bags, you can look at the reasons for the eye bags appearing. There will be an underlying reason. It could just be alack of sleep or poor quality sleep, which we’ve touched on with the sleeping positions. However, often, puffiness is due to some sort of allergy or immune response. Get to the bottom of it, and you won’t have to keep using home remedies to tackle the problem.

Article adapted from Positive Health Wellness.

Photo credits: Pixabay and Positive Health Wellness

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Singaporean Wins Second Runner Up in Mrs Top of the World 2017

Congratulations to 43 year-old Ice Sherry Lee who recently competed in the international Mrs Top of the World pageant in Riga, Latvia! The Singaporean mother of two was one of the few Asians in the competition and she bagged the title of Second Runner Up, beating 16 other contestants who were mostly in their early 30s. The cheerful Singaporean beauty also won the award for Mrs Photogenic.

mrs top of the world

According to Ice, she shared that the competition was “pretty intense” as some of the contestants had an entourage following them everywhere to ensure that they looked good all the time. Nonetheless, this beauty with the short cropped hairdo stood out from the rest with her ability to look outstanding plus confident through careful choices of colour and clothes that match her skin and body shape. It is hard to believe that Ice had never worn a stitch of make up until she joined SIA as a flight attendant at the age of 24 years-old!

The results of the pageant were determined through four factors: paid public online voting (including social media), beauty, poise and confidence. It’s no wonder that this former model scored high in all segments, as seen through her sizeable following. Ice is currently the founder of Aphrodite Image Consultancy as well as the owner of Shine Models, and she shared what her beauty secrets are: drinking sufficient water, getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily, a regular detox regime as well as a rigorous daily skincare routine.

The dedicated mother of a boy and a girl still takes the time to ensure that her children eat properly by cooking almost every meal for them.

When asked what this win in an international pageant means to her, Ice commented, “I want to show that even when middle age hits, it is possible for any woman to still be beautiful when one masters the art of dressing for success and takes good care of herself while putting her strengths to work.”

We’re certainly proud of Ice for clinching this international title for Singapore and we definitely want to look as good as she does when we hit our 40s!

Photo credits: Mrs Top of the World 

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Comedian Shows the Ridiculousness of the Thigh Gap Phenomenon

It’s always good to have a laugh, especially when it’s about something that either bothers us a lot or makes no sense when taken out of context. That’s what comedians like Luisa Omielan aim to do – point out the contradiction in how people tend to see themselves and what they think it’s expected of them to be; and her topic of the moment is the infamous thigh gap phenomenon.

Luisa is a comedian who talks about the experiences women go through due to their bodies not being up to what others expect, from having a noticeable gut to not being able to look young and beautiful forever. These are all things that women have to deal with in their daily lives always, and it’s what makes her A-list material.

In a recent Stand-Up routine in Australia, Luisa brought up the interesting thigh gap subject. Her joke centred on the fact that a lot of women are always stressing over trying to achieve a perfect thigh gap, whether it’d be exercising till they drop or eating only the bare minimum to be skinny enough to reach that “ideal”.

Of course, some people naturally have thigh gaps due to their body structure but this phenomenon became really controversial because a lot of women seen on social media with thigh gaps are very skinny. Thus, it drove people to want to be skinnier so that their thighs don’t touch each other when they stand up straight, allowing a clear space in the middle.

We’ve talked about the mystery that is the thigh gap once before, as well as how social media influences us and puts unrealistic expectations for what we should do or look like.

Nevertheless, even if people are told that what they’re trying to pursue is hard to obtain that won’t mean their opinions will change. As we stated before, sometimes you need a more whimsical and comical approach to get people to look at themselves and question what’s around them.

Luisa added this to her routine and combines it with jokes that are meant to make fun of our insecurities and in doing so, the satire makes us feel better about ourselves as it points out how ridiculous it really us. In her routines, she both mocks the typical situations that someone might end up in due to their weight or appearance and then turns it around by talking about how we should be proud of them regardless of what others say and not be so self-deprecating.

Thigh gap or no thigh gap, one shouldn’t be working towards some ideal body shape or size because each of us are built differently. What is more important is loving yourself and taking the right steps to a healthy life through proper exercise and diet. Be confident!

Photo Credits: Shape magazine

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How to Take Selfies like a Pro

The art of taking selfies. It is how we can see ourselves and how others see us in this social media age. The built-in camera in our handy smartphones have enabled us to freely take selfies, and of other people and memories we wish to keep. Some people feel that this is a sign of how our society has become increasingly narcissistic and self-indulgent while others choose it as their form of self expression. However, it is also because with self-facing cameras on your smartphone, you now get to choose how you look in your photos before taking them and gone are the days where you had to trust a stranger with your camera to take that ‘perfect’ shot.

Needless to say, selfies are here to stay. Yet, taking a good selfie can be a bit of an art. So, we’ve decided to lay out some tips for you so that you look and feel your best when you take your #selfie.

Know the ‘magic’ angle and position

Some people unknowingly stick to an almost symmetrical photo with their face right in the middle of it. That just looks like a passport photo. Instead, try positioning yourself to one-third of the picture. This helps give personality to your selfie. Also, try to position your phone just above your chest, in line with your shoulder, arms stretched and aim the lens at you. This will make your selfie look less generic since you are likely to capture a small area of background.

selfie credit: Kristi Randel

Always keep the phone steady until it is focused

This might seem like a really trivial action but you will be surprised at how often people rush to take selfies, only to have a blurred image. It pays to do it right the first time and make that smile count! You’ll remember how happy you are to capture that joyful moment over recalling a worn-out smile.

Use both hands to hold your smartphone so you can have more control. One to press the shutter release button and the other to keep the phone steady.

Choose your filters before taking the selfie

Noir, sepia, process…smartphones nowadays come with this function and it is always a great idea to consider the occasion and match it to the filter.

For example, if you’re taking a selfie with a quiet background with a fair amount of greenery, choose the effect that saturates the colours to give it a vibrant energy. If you’re taking a selfie in an urban setting, one sure option is to do it in monochrome (black & white).

Keeping the melancholic feel in a urban setting

Monochrome makes for a good filter if you have a simple subject and theme for your selfie

Get your lighting right

All smartphone cameras are now smart enough to sense the lighting of your shot. All you got to do is to tap on the side of the face so you can achieve a well-balanced exposure for your selfies. People often tap exactly at the center of the face and the phone’s camera occasionally mixes up the exposure, giving too much priority on the face and ignoring the background. This ends up with a glowing face floating in a darkened background.

Always position yourself against any light.

This ensures your face is well lit and looks flattering and there will not be any lens flare in your selfie. If you’re going for a sunset/sunrise selfie, always check that the exposure for your selfie is well-adjusted. Smartphone cameras nowadays are able to adapt to settings like these.

Here is a good example of balanced lighting for a sunrise selfie. The face and body features are well contrasted and visible against the sunrise and picturesque background.

selfie credit: tallgirltravel

That said, everyone has a different look so always play around with lighting and your camera angle so you can identify what works best with you.

Know your smartphone camera potential

As a rule, older smartphones will definitely have lower potential for amazing selfies so be understanding on the quality if you do not have the latest smartphone. Smartphones nowadays are progressing faster each with Huawei releasing the P10 series just last month. The picture quality is pretty sharp and vibrant, and looks equally good after transferring it to my iPhone 5S. There are other key features that work amazingly well together with the image quality.

The supercharge function, studio-like editing and portrait enhancement feature makes it great as a phone for selfies and locking in your memories on your outings.

In terms of photo-taking features, the P10 series is currently in the lead followed by the iPhone 7 series. We’ve taken some comparison photos taken by both iPhone 7 and Huawei P10 below.

iPhone 7 (left)                                                Huawei P10 (right)

The iPhone 7 does not handle lighting well and have problems with differentiating the person with the background. The key drawback of the P10 is when you use it against a colourful background as seen in the first photo. Normally it would work out if you tried out the filter tip for selfies with green backgrounds with other smartphones. P10 on the other hand has already done the work for you.

Do something interesting or have an interesting pose

Pose with props, sit on a yatch, smile, look silly or grin like today is the best day you’ve had. Make your selfies memorable because that’s what they’re supposed to be!

selfie credit: Kristi Randel

Find image editing applications that will help boost the quality of your selfie

I used to be unaware of all the apps available to help improve your smartphone-taken selfies and my selfies were looking rather dull; snapshot without frames, lack of background effects, layout flexibility. After being introduced to other image editing applications like Layout and Squaready, my images were beginning to meet the ‘standards’ of social media. Other relevant apps are various snapshot timers that gives you time to get into position after pressing the shutter button. A few popular apps for editing selfies is Perfect 365 (free) and Facetune 2 (with monthly subscription) and of course, if you like to have motion selfies, you can never go without Boomerang.



Photo credits: The Verge, Huawei,

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BeautyFresh Warehouse Sale

Ladies, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a make up warehouse sale that’s coming up! From 30 March till 1 April 2017, you can get cosmetics by Chanel, M.A.C., NARS, La Mer, Jo Malone and even Dior at up to 80% discount!

Organised by BeautyFresh, this warehouse sale will be held at 1 Jalan Kilang #04-03 Singapore 159402 on the dates mentioned above from 10am till 7pm. Psst…we hear that there are gifts with purchase too! Here’s a preview of some of the items on sale:

Time to forward this to your friends, grab them to the sale and let your inner auntie revel!

Address: 1 Jalan Kilang #04-01 Singapore 159402
Opening Hours: 30 Mar – 1 Apr, 10am to 7pm

Photo credits: BeautyFresh

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BeautyAsia 2017 Offers the Best for Beauty Enthusiasts

Exhibitions can be fun. You get to see and try out new things, meet new people and have an excellent time. Exhibitions, especially beauty exhibitions, also take the time to showcase highlights or things that will be coming up in their respective fields. This is where BeautyAsia comes in, as one of the leading Beauty exhibitions in the region; it’s got a lot to showcase for its 21st anniversary.

BeautyAsia is a beauty and fashion event organised annually by Lines Exhibition PT, focusing on displaying new beauty products as well as emphasising the best that the region has to offer.

This year, BeautyAsia will take place at Suntec Convention Centre and feature hundreds of professional beauty service providers for everyone to see. The demand for organic and natural skincare has been unwavering, with this year’s exhibition showcasing a new facial serum technology that utilises a unique protein made from spiders as well as crystal soap bars with natural fruit enzymes!

It’ll also offer products such as Glory International’s new Fermentation Aesthetics. These fermented products take advantage of Japan’s skills in fermentation to create new anti-aging cosmetics that help improve cell activity and stimulate the skin’s collagen, ensuring that you look younger with firmer skin. There’s also the Miracle of 8 Beauty Serum from Orawana, a world-famous health and beauty brand, which utilises eight potent herbs to offer a great de-aging effect.

What happened in BeautyAsia 2016

But it won’t just be beauty products that you’ll have the benefit of seeing. BeautyAsia will also offer seminars, demonstrations of the products mentioned above as well as trade talks where those in the industry will be able to know about the distribution of the products.

BeautyAsia will also feature a series of competitions and events that will put participants’ creativity and expertise to the test. You can also enjoy the Singapore Hairdressing Awards 2017 where hair stylists will display their talents in a live showcase.

Other events you can’t afford to miss are NailAsia and LashAsia 2017. These events will feature nail and lash artists from across the region competing against one another, with these year’s theme being “Underwater World”.

BeautyAsia 2017 will be a three-day event, starting on 20 to 22 February at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre, Level 4, Halls 401-403 and will be opened from 11 am to 7 pm daily. Admission is free to trade professionals only.

We’ll be taking a look at the event ourselves so we hope that you can make it, it’s an event that you can’t afford to miss!

For more information, please visit http://www.beautyasia.com.sg.

Photo Credits: Singapore Events, All Events, INDIBA Deep Beauty

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How to Remove Eye Bags in Under 90 Seconds

As we get older, we can’t help but notice a lot of changes in our bodies, but there are some changes that pop up even as we enter our 30’s or 40’s. Whether it’d be through lack of sleep (or sometimes even from sleeping too much) or a lot of stress, eye bags are something that everyone has to deal with and can become bothersome in certain situations. There are many methods that supposedly help you remove eye bags (some people say it’s even just a matter of sleeping more), but they’re not exactly a one and done deal.

Well, Jeunesse has come up with a revolutionary product to help with that little problem and all it takes is a few drops.


With Jeunesse’s Instantly Ageless you’d be able to easily get rid of those pesky eye bags that are always bothering you. Of course, this isn’t an permanent fix, but it does help with helping you look refreshed on important dates and repeated usage will also help improve the skin texture.

Instantly Ageless has a lasting effect of six to nine hours, meaning you’d be able to go a while without having to worry about the eye bags. It does this by targeting areas that have lost elasticity, essentially enhancing it so that it becomes more noticeable to others. Do note that it is water soluble and will not cause milia seeds but it also means that if you do get caught in the rain, it will get washed away if you get drenched. However, you may be more concerned about your mascara than eye bags then.

Check out the demonstration video below to see the real time effect of the product:

As you can see in the video, the method for applying the cream is surprisingly easy. You must simply dab the cream on your eye bags, making sure to spread it out on them without putting too much excess, and then you let it work its magic. In less than two minutes, you’d be able to see a clear change in the state of your eye bags without much problem.

It’s also recommended to only apply a little (a pea-sized amount if you will) since the effects only kick in when it’s dry and if there’s too much of it, it’ll take longer to dry and it might not work as well. You can also blow air on it to speed up the process, but do it gently with a small fan or simply with your hands.


Instantly Ageless’s benefits do not just stop at eye bags though. You can use it to reduce the wrinkles on other areas such as your forehead (by applying it over the whole of the forehead), your eyebrows or even your facial pores. It’s truly a multi-use product that is sure to help everyone reduce the effects of aging and will make you look better in the process.

For this and other anti-aging products be sure to check out Jeunesse’s website. Their products offer great benefits when it comes to bettering your health and appearance as well, so make sure to check them out.

Photo Credits: Jeunesse, 4 Health Results

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