thigh gap

Comedian Shows the Ridiculousness of the Thigh Gap Phenomenon

Sometimes the best method to show people how ridiculous some things can be is through comedy, and that’s just what Luisa Omelian aims to do when she talks about a familiar topic, thigh gaps.

Fashion of Plumping Up a Plus Sized Model?

The things the fashion industry makes its models go through have become pretty common news nowadays, but it’s sitll surprising to see how far they can go. Learn about the experiences this model had and the tricks implemented to get her to “look good”

Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies

This is not a drop-in class. Please make sure you have attended a two-hour Art of Feminine Presence preview prior to signing up for this. Please check all available dates here. Are you ready? This is not your average one day workshop! Get ready for major results! You will experience practices that instantly shift you into Read more about Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies[…]


The Art of Femininity and Being a Strong Woman

Femininity. I bet that when you read that word, you had some stereotypes running through your head – burning bras, opinionated women being loud and in-your-face about it or a helpless damsel-in-distress girl who is dressed in frills. Notice something? Why does femininity (and feminism, which tends to be lumped into it) have a slightly Read more about The Art of Femininity and Being a Strong Woman[…]

new year resolutions

No New Year Resolutions…Instead, Gratitude

Instead of writing New Year Resolutions, we here at The Wellness Insider have decided to write a gratitude journal instead. Why? Because life shouldn’t have just a single designated day where you make huge decisions or attempt to change. It is about thousands of small changes that you make each day. It is about any Read more about No New Year Resolutions…Instead, Gratitude[…]

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