Melissa’s Table Top Talk

Woman of Influence Interview on Soul Rich Woman

Our founder, Melissa Fann, was interviewed by Genecia Alluora of Soul Rich Woman as part of their “Women of Influence” series. As such, the topic was about how Melissa is a woman of influence – what that means in today’s…..

inner worth

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 29: Shining Your Inner Worth

In the last episode, Transformational and Mindfulness Coach, Elies Hadi taught us how we are our own worst enemies as we create our personal emotional prisons. Understanding that you’re trapping yourself is a step forward in growing your self-confidence but…..

emotional prisons

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 28: The Emotional Prisons We Create

Have you ever heard of the phrase “We are our own worst enemy”? We learn how true this is from Elies Hadi who is a Transformational and Mindfulness Coach as she tells us from experience through her clients. Find out how…..


Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 27: How Much Happiness Do You Deserve?

How much happiness do you deserve? Or rather, how much do you think you deserve and how happy are you right now? Many people are often lost or they find that they can never be 100% happy with their lives but…..

financial health

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 26: Common Mistakes Affecting Financial Health

Do you know the status of your financial health? If you do, great! If you don’t, you’re not alone. We kick off our latest season of Melissa’s Table Top Talk with Elsa Lim of Money Fit Coach as we talk…..

changing body image

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 25: Changing Body Image With Clothes

This week sees special guest Clare Chan, a fashion designer with costume background, who is also a cosplayer. We talk about how clothes and changing them affects one’s body image and how cosplaying helps boost confidence. Clare even brought her…..

my anje

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 24: Designing Atheleisure Wear MY ANJE

This week, I speak to Angelina Francesca, the designer of local athleisure wear MY ANJE, to find out why she decided to design active wear (sports wear for those who aren’t familiar with the terms ‘atheleisure’ and ‘active wear’) instead…..

problem with positivity

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 23: The Problem With Positivity

We’re sure that you’ve seen those “Quotes of the Day” on social media which reeks of positivity or asking you to keep a positive mindset. You have probably also met that person who keeps telling you that things will come…..

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