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knee surgery

Expert Views Episode 7: When Do You Need Knee Surgery?

In last week’s episode, we learned from Dr Suresh that younger adults are now starting to be diagnosed with arthritis, and that it is a result of being more aware plus how we are more active in sports without proper…..


Expert Views Episode 6: Arthritis – Not An Age Old Problem Anymore

When you think of someone suffering from Arthritis, the stereotype would be that of an elderly person with knobbly knees. However, we learn from Dr Suresh that younger adults are now starting to be diagnosed with arthritis. Just what is…..

stress affects posture

Expert Views Episode 5: How Stress Affects Mobility & Posture

Are you sitting up straight right now? Do you care about your posture? We often hear the term “mind over matter” but did you know that stress, which can be considered as something more mental than physical, can also affect…..

Expert Views Episode 4: Kids Do Sports To Keep Fit, Adults Keep Fit To Do Sports

Just what is mobility fitness? A lot of adults tend to throw themselves into an exercise regime or sport without considering their lifestyle and as a result, they get injured and end up not being able to do the sports…..

dr gary tho

Expert Views Episode 3: That Pain In The Neck

Do you get pain in your neck or back from sitting too long in front of the computer? This week’s Expert Views features Dr Gary Tho, an Author, Speaker and Founder of ChiroWorks, a family sports and wellness clinic in Singapore……


Expert Views Episode 2: The Truth Behind Feet

Love high heels but hate how your feet hurt after? Did you know that your feet and your core muscles are related? In episode 2 of the Expert Views series, we interview Dr Emily Splichal, a Podiatrist and Human Movement…..

Expert Views Episode 1: 3 Things Your Fitness Trainer Did NOT Tell You

We are proud to announce the launch of our first season of Wellness Experts talkshow! In this episode, we talk about the 3 Things Your Fitness Trainer Did NOT Tell You with Ooi Lay Yong. Lay Yong is an investor,…..

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