fiona tan

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 22: Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016

So glad to interview the lovely Fiona Tan, who is the first Asian to participate AND win the title of Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016! She bagged Singapore yet another international win and has been inspiring women…..


How to Remove Eye Bags in Under 90 Seconds

As we get older and busier it becomes hard to keep up appearances, wrinkles start showing and bags begin to grow under our eyes. Well, we’re here to offer a way to remedy that problem.

local skincare

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 20: From Rubber Boots to Heels

I had fun interviewing womenpreneur Claire Au, founder of local skincare brand Auolive, as we talked about how she first hung up her suits for rubber boots before chucking them for high heels. I got to try out the products…..

How To Slow Down The Signs of Aging

We did a webinar with Natalie Turner of Energise Life earlier this year and didn’t manage to post the recording until recently. Please pardon the first few seconds of the blank screen as we were trying to figure out the…..

Stem Cells For Skincare?

Using cutting edge science, Luminesce is unique in the sense that the range uses stem cell technology to regenerate new cells in your skin. This means that you’ll not only reduce the signs of aging, you will also help to…..

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