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7 Most Beautiful Places in the World to Visit

December is fast approaching and if you’re looking for somewhere to escape to, our world hides the most awe-inspiring natural wonders, architectural masterpieces and hidden gems, just waiting to be explored. While a great number of them remain out of our reach, there’s still a plethora of heavenly destinations that will leave you with life-long Read more about 7 Most Beautiful Places in the World to Visit[…]


Unforgettable First Climb Experience on Mount Rinjani

The team at The Wellness Insider wanted a short retreat which combined fitness as well as a short respite from our busy schedules. Not wanting to do a typical retreat in a spa or at a beach, we decided to put on our hiking boots and do some mountain climbing! We trekked to the Crater Read more about Unforgettable First Climb Experience on Mount Rinjani[…]


Let’s Go and Take a Retreat

We live in an era where people always have to be running around and keeping a presence both on and offline. Whether it’d be managing your work schedule, family or your daily life, it can get pretty tiring and stressful with time, with no sign that it’s going to stop anytime soon. Because of that, why not go on a special retreat as a way to let off steam and tune the world out. […]

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Travelling As a Single Female

As a female, should you travel alone? Yeah…why not? Travelling alone often means being able to unwind and learn about yourself as well as the culture of a foreign land. We can already hear the protests against it but there some ways that you can be a travelling single and still stay safe! Here are some Read more about Travelling As a Single Female[…]

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