Self Improvement

Positive Workout Songs Playlist (Part 2)

Today we’ll look at some music, specifically music that can really give us a jump in our step and push us harder. So don’t miss them!

mediterranean diet

What You Need To Know About the Mediterranean Diet

No diet embodies the spirit of living healthy quite like a Mediterranean diet does. From stars to fitness experts, it has really garnered a lot of attention. Let’s take a look at why that shall we?

Get to Know The Real Person #NoLabels

We are often judged by our appearances and labelled ‘fat’, ‘skinny’, or ‘short’. This certainly causes us to lose confidence with ourselves and our body images, which isn’t the real person behind each one of us. In our body positivity…..

The Importance of Self-Defence

Especially in Singapore, it does not seem like learning self-defence is a necessary skill to possess. However, the statistics are glaring in our faces. In 2015, the rate of women being raped in Singapore alone was 4 rapes every 9…..

Ignite Your Life with SoulFit’s New Workshop

If you’ve ever felt insecure or overwhelmed by the world then you don’t have to worry, SoulFit’s Ignite Your Life has you covered.

floral art

Floral Art Meditation

Combining Art Therapy and Yoga, join Kathy in this unique Meditation workshop focused on awakening creativity, breath and presence. Kathy will guide you through a nourishing meditative practice that integrates the healing power of flowers and colour; how flowers relate…..

Dove Showcases #RealBeauty with their New Body Wash Bottles

Dove come sin once more with a brand new movement, this time in the form of new, varied body wash bottles that aim to show us what #RealBeauty is.

DreamGirl SG – Singapore’s First and Only Competition for Petite Women

The Wellness Insider is proud to be a community partner of DreamGirl SG – Singapore’s first and only competition for petite women (1.65m and below). Organised by O2 Incorporated, the competition is unlike beauty pageants or any other female-oriented competitions…..

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