great singapore sale

5 Awesome Sites to Check Out this GSS

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS for short) has started and that means that a lot of stores will be shelling out discounts and products for every shopper to enjoy. While the city is buzzing with tourists and citizens going out…..

mrs top of the world

Singaporean Wins Second Runner Up in Mrs Top of the World 2017

Congratulations to 43 year-old Ice Sherry Lee who recently competed in the international Mrs Top of the World pageant in Riga, Latvia! The Singaporean mother of two was one of the few Asians in the competition and she bagged the…..

Hunter McGrady at the Beach

Sports Illustrated’s Curviest Model Speaks Up

Hunter McGrady talks about her experiences as a plus sized model and how they are treated and mislabeled in the fashion industry.

Styling Inspired by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 collection was released in stores last month and our Wellness Insider team just had to be on the guest list! The styling was done at the Marc Jacobs’ popup store at The Paragon in Orchard Road as…..

Fashion of Plumping Up a Plus Sized Model?

The things the fashion industry makes its models go through have become pretty common news nowadays, but it’s sitll surprising to see how far they can go. Learn about the experiences this model had and the tricks implemented to get her to “look good”

thigh gap

Thigh Gap Jewellery, Anyone?

There was a trend on social media where lots of girls would use the hashtag #thighgap as a goal and many sought to lose weight so that they could be skinny enough to get a thigh gap. Then came this…..

workout gear

Workout Gear For Women To Keep You Movin’

They say clothes maketh the (wo)man…and there’s actual psychology behind that! Which is why your workout gear can actually motivate you to go to the gym! We’re not kidding. It’s called “enclothed cognition” and it basically means that particular clothing…..

changing body image

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 25: Changing Body Image With Clothes

This week sees special guest Clare Chan, a fashion designer with costume background, who is also a cosplayer. We talk about how clothes and changing them affects one’s body image and how cosplaying helps boost confidence. Clare even brought her…..

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