activewear fashion show

Activewear Fashion Show at Wellness Day Out

If you think activewear is only suited for the gym or the yoga studio, think again. As part of our Wellness Day Out, we did an activewear fashion show featuring outfits from our sponsors FUNFIT, Negative Ion Clothing and Princessa; styled by Vrinda Seth and featuring contestants from DreamGirl SG as well as Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016.

The fashion show started off with the ‘normal’ workout outfits that one would normally wear and they also showcased the personalities of the girls.

First outfit: Full workout gear 

By throwing on a matching top or changing your top, changing the shoes and accessorising, the girls showed how activewear can be incorporated into a look that you’d be able to hang out with your friends for lunch.

Second outfit with tops by Princessa and cap by Negative Ion Clothing. Shoes and bags are models’ own.

Third outfit: good enough to go clubbing with!

Once again, Vrinda shows how the right tops or jackets as well as accessories can be utilised to create a different look. It can be edgy or sophisticated enough. Who said that activewear has to be stuck to the gym alone? The folks at FUNFIT were really thrilled because they too would like people to understand that activewear does not need to be relegated to the studio or gym but can be worn outside to add a special dash of colour or pattern to your OOTD.

To complete the looks, it is also good to have fashionable nails! Our models got their nails done at Tokyo Nail Salon which offers organic gel nail polish as well as spa services.

Check out the lovely Aztec-inspired nails which were done by a very senior and experienced nailist at Tokyo Nail Salon. Psst…those who purchase our Jul/Aug 2017 Wellness Box will receive a voucher of up to 50% discount for their packages.


Stylist Vrinda Seth explaining the outfits and how she came up with the concept of gym to day wear.

activewear fashion showThe ladies together with stylist Vrinda and our founder, Melissa Fann.

To get your activewear fashion on point, do head onto FUNFIT’s website or our Wellness Store and look good while you workout and beyond!

Photo credits: The Wellness Insider and Tokyo Nail Salon

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curvy women

7 Fashion Tips for Tall and Curvy Women

Trousers are awesome

If you are tall and curvy, trousers work best – they are comfortable, easy to wear, can be worn in any weather and they look great. Make sure to buy a pair of good fitted trousers where they are not too short or too long, don’t ride up your buttocks, back or thighs. DO NOT shop for trousers online – you definitely need to try them on before buying, unless you are willing to send the trousers to the tailor if needed. You can team up a good pair of trousers with a sleeveless top, a tube top and a cardigan, a shirt or a simple blouse.

For curvy women, palazzos and wide bottoms work well, while a pair of trousers that end just at the ankles look super sexy.

Indian clothes – Just because everyone is wearing it, doesn’t mean it is good for you

If you want to feel confident and look good, first know your body shape, size and type. Be comfortable in whatever you wear. In general, Indian clothes tend to be heavy in terms of weight and embroidery or the thread work, motifs on them. Especially if you are going for a wedding or a party, do not overdress. I have sometimes come across people who wear more jewellery than the bride!

Try on different colours and shapes of dresses that will suit you. If you are tall and curvy, you can never go wrong with a saree – but do not wear translucent, see-through ones if you are on the bulkier side. Choose a classic, neutral colour or bright-dark coloured saree to rock the red carpet. Nowadays, dresses are a rave with Indian clothes. Check out some of the pictures below. Never buy a dress or a salwar kameez that has a cinch, belt or strap in the waist area – this tends to accentuate the tummy area.

Rock that skirt and those legs

My all-time favourite is the skirt. It’s sexy, comfortable, easy to wear, easy to buy and awesome to rock for every occasion – be it for a wedding, a conference, to work, to party etc. But mind you, be careful about the length of the skirt. It can be uncomfortable if it is too short as you do not want to be pulling it down most of the time while a skirt that is too long may make you trip. I prefer knee length or below the knee skirts – generally in cotton, as I live in hot and humid Singapore. Again, similar to trousers, skirts can be teamed up with anything. You can also pair skirts with stilettos, pumps, flats, shoes, sandals etc. I love my legs hence I flaunt them when I can.

Flared skirts might not work for everyone, pencil skirts are good in general, A-line is flattering for every shape and size you are.

Work those dresses

Dresses used to be a daunting thing to me as I always thought that they are hard to master. But eventually I did get to it and I love dresses now. They are great for any occasion too and easy to pack if you’re travelling – just one piece of clothing. Again, if you are curvy or slightly bulky, do not buy dresses with a cinch in the waist area.

Straight cut or A-line is good while wrap dresses are also very flaterring as it brings focus to the cleavage while also giving the figure an hour glass shape. Also, knee length or below the knee is good for work and formal occasions, long flowy ones are good for vacations or for more casual days. Try on various types of dresses to find out which cuts suit you as everyone’s body is different.

You can never go wrong with black

Black is the holy grail…no one can go wrong with it – especially if you are curvy. Doesn’t matter if it is a dress, skirt, pants, or any style of clothing – black is always in.

Go for vertical stripes and not horizontal, preferably

If you are curvy, opt for vertical strips or checks on your fabric for clothes as this tricks the eye into elongating the body .

Horizontal stripes make you look bulkier, especially if they are broad. Even while choosing vertical stripes, make sure the stripes are close together.

If you love flowers, keep them small

Patterns with flowers are summery and an all-time favourite for many. I generally go for smaller flowers printed on the fabric rather than big ones. But you know what? Break the rules if you want… just feel good about what you wear and be comfortable!


Contributed by Dr Sandhya Sriram.

Photo credits: Dr Sandhya Sriram and YoShop


Cotton On (AU)
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great singapore sale

5 Awesome Sites to Check Out this GSS

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS for short) has started and that means that a lot of stores will be shelling out discounts and products for every shopper to enjoy. While the city is buzzing with tourists and citizens going out to try and get the best deals possible, we ourselves have decided to make our own selection of online shops to check out if you want to buy something from the comfort of your own home.



Sulwhasoo is a store you should try out if you’re looking for some high quality beauty products. It offers everything from skincare products to anti-aging and protection. It also has a repertoire of products to help with makeup such as balancers and cushions to help with brightening.

That’s not all, if you sign up for it today you’ll get a 10% discount on your next order. It’s US branch is also offering a father’s day offer on Men’s skincare product, because they deserve to take care of their skin as well.

Lorna Jane (US)

Lorna Jane

For all your active wear needs, Lorna Jane has got you covered. This store boasts a variety of active wear products like tank tops, leggings and even jackets in different colors, shapes and decorations that are both breezy, comfortable and beautiful to boot. Not just that, if you want a new water bottle that’s easy to travel with then it’s got you covered too.
This store is also offering a 25% discount on any selected items and is valid until 30th June, so take the chance while it’s still up for grabs!

Take advantage of the mid-year sale at Yoshop. Use the coupon


If you’re looking for variety when it comes to what you can buy for this GSS season then Yo Shop’s actually a pretty good place to start. While it can be a bit overwhelming, this site offers just a little bit of everything from clothes to accessories for both men and women.

It is offering up to 60% discount for its products along with free shipping, featuring plus sized dresses and bikini sets for those who want something to wear to the beach.

Tea Box

Tea Box

If you like your tea, then you’ll love Tea Box and all the different flavors that it provides. This site doesn’t just sell a good mixture of leafs, it also sells tea sets and even tea makers and other types of wares that can make creating your own tea recipes easier. For this GSS season it is definitely a store that any tea aficionado should check out, especially if you’re trying to lead a healthier and calmer life.

Tea Box is also a holding a discount of 12% for any of its products that lasts until the 30th, so make sure to not let it go to waste.

Dr Brandt Skincare

Dr. Brandt

This brand is another one that pus skincare at the forefront, it doesn’t just focus on skincare products either. Dr. Brandt makes sure to give customers the chance to purchase everything from masks to creams that can help with enlarged pores. Not just that, but if you take the chance to buy a Detoxifying Antioxidant Water Booster for your skin you’ll be able to get one free, just make sure to get it before the 19th.

So don’t be shy and let the inner shopper in you have some fun for this GSS season, we’re sure you will enjoy these great offers.

Photo Credits: Sulwashoo, Lorna Jane, Yo Shop, Tea Box, Dr. Brandt

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mrs top of the world

Singaporean Wins Second Runner Up in Mrs Top of the World 2017

Congratulations to 43 year-old Ice Sherry Lee who recently competed in the international Mrs Top of the World pageant in Riga, Latvia! The Singaporean mother of two was one of the few Asians in the competition and she bagged the title of Second Runner Up, beating 16 other contestants who were mostly in their early 30s. The cheerful Singaporean beauty also won the award for Mrs Photogenic.

mrs top of the world

According to Ice, she shared that the competition was “pretty intense” as some of the contestants had an entourage following them everywhere to ensure that they looked good all the time. Nonetheless, this beauty with the short cropped hairdo stood out from the rest with her ability to look outstanding plus confident through careful choices of colour and clothes that match her skin and body shape. It is hard to believe that Ice had never worn a stitch of make up until she joined SIA as a flight attendant at the age of 24 years-old!

The results of the pageant were determined through four factors: paid public online voting (including social media), beauty, poise and confidence. It’s no wonder that this former model scored high in all segments, as seen through her sizeable following. Ice is currently the founder of Aphrodite Image Consultancy as well as the owner of Shine Models, and she shared what her beauty secrets are: drinking sufficient water, getting at least 8 hours of sleep daily, a regular detox regime as well as a rigorous daily skincare routine.

The dedicated mother of a boy and a girl still takes the time to ensure that her children eat properly by cooking almost every meal for them.

When asked what this win in an international pageant means to her, Ice commented, “I want to show that even when middle age hits, it is possible for any woman to still be beautiful when one masters the art of dressing for success and takes good care of herself while putting her strengths to work.”

We’re certainly proud of Ice for clinching this international title for Singapore and we definitely want to look as good as she does when we hit our 40s!

Photo credits: Mrs Top of the World 

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Hunter McGrady at the Beach

Sports Illustrated’s Curviest Model Speaks Up

We’ve been talking about the fashion industry a lot lately, haven’t we? Last time we talked about how models like Iskra Lawrence are regularly retouched to suit whatever image the industry once and this time is no different. Hunter McGrady is another plus sized model who has had quite the exciting career. She’s managed to become Sports Illustrated “curviest” girl by appearing in its Swimsuit Issue recently (and she rocks it too), which has caused her to come into the limelight. Like many other models, she has her stories to tell.

Hunter herself comes from a family of models, her mother, sister and aunt were models, and her father was an actor. That’s quite a lineage to follow, which is why it wasn’t surprising when she ventured into modelling herself.


Things didn’t start up to well for her, however. When she first started modelling, she was turned down for being too big, even though she was a size two (a size two!), this left her dejected, and it wasn’t till she found out about plus sized models that she went back into modelling, now at a size six.

Yeah, you read that right, she’s a size six, but they consider her a plus sized model, even though 67% of women in America are between size 16 and 18, while the average size in the UK is a size 12. This just goes to show how the world of fashion marginalises the majority of women when it comes to representation on the cover and runway. However, we cannot really blame them because this is a result of what consumers (that’s you and I) have influenced the fashion industry to do because most brands aren’t able to sell their products if they used average sized women. Oh, the irony of marketing.

Of course, this isn’t that new of development. Everyone knows how clothing sizes can vary and sometimes be completely misbalanced, especially with how each company wants to sell it. But what is more important is that regardless of what size you are, you should still feel good about being in your skin.

In a recent interview with PopSugar, Hunter went on to talk about some of the assumptions that people make about plus-sized models. The public tends to think that if you’re a plus-sized model, it means that you don’t have to eat healthily or that you don’t need to exercise. People say this even though plus-sized models have to work just as hard as regular sized models and also have to deal with the added prejudice of people judging them due to their weight.

Hunter also pointed out how she’d love it if people would drop the labels for models, that even if there’s a reason for why they are marked by their body type that it would be better if models of all shapes and sizes would just be called that – models.

Hunter McGrady at the Beach-2

She also pointed out that the fashion industry is moving more towards this ideal as well, with more plus sized models popping up along with fashion lines made for them and people like them, allowing girls who’ve led similar lives also to see themselves reflected in them.

Either way, we’re glad for Hunter’s success, it is good to see that more models of various sizes gaining recognition around the world and making a change. Hopefully, this will help create an even bigger and who knows, maybe one day there wouldn’t different labels for models and they’re simply called that.

Photo Credits: Maxim, People

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