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7 Fashion Tips for Tall and Curvy Women

Trousers are awesome If you are tall and curvy, trousers work best – they are comfortable, easy to wear, can be worn in any weather and they look great. Make sure to buy a pair of good fitted trousers where they are not too short or too long, don’t ride up your buttocks, back or Read more about 7 Fashion Tips for Tall and Curvy Women[…]


Basic Kombucha Workshop

Come join us in this basic kombucha workshop where we will teach you how to make this fermented tea as well as educate you about nutrition and the benefits of probiotics. Seats are limited, so do book yours today! What is Kombucha? It is a variety of fermented tea that is produced using a “Symbiotic Read more about Basic Kombucha Workshop[…]


Symptoms of Menopause – Did you make this mistake?

Menopause marks the end of menstrual cycles. It’s part of being a woman but experiences can vary greatly. What has been your experience?  For me, it turned out to be a non-event and a mis-diagnosis. Having female friends and through my mother, I was aware of some symptoms of menopause. In my mother’s case, I Read more about Symptoms of Menopause – Did you make this mistake?[…]

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