at-home workouts

At-Home Workouts When You are Feeling Lazy or Due to Bad Weather

Too lazy or the weather is not favourable to head to the gym? Not to worry, here is a compilation of simple workouts that are both easy and efficient – at the comfort of your home. So you can now Netflix and burn instead of chill! Tricep Dip Tricep dips improve your upper body strength
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HIIT fitness bootcamp

HIIT Fitness Bootcamp in the Park (Mount Faber)

Trying to kick start your fitness journey? This boot camp is a fantastic way to start losing fats and improve your overall fitness. Rapid-fire sequences of movements are designed to get you into shape while working out in a boot camp style. With its high energy exercises, it is guaranteed to target most of your
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SweatWork! Run X HIIT

Do you find yourself having “no time” to stay healthy? “Tough” to find like-minded people who love a good sweat? “Too busy” to have a social life? Connect with others who appreciate the importance of staying healthy while pursuing our many ambitions. Get a run in; rotating partners during the HIIT session means you get
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avengers training

Avengers Training – High Intensity Interval Training

Avenger’s Training is a high intensity interval training based workout with box steps, box jumps, TRX and kettlebell swings. It is guaranteed to get your heart-rate up and give you a good full body workout. Avenger’s training takes care of both strength and cardio training in a single session. Experience includes: Full body workout Fitness
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Top 5 Fitness Tips by a Celebrity Trainer

Bintan’s leading resort, The Sanchaya, has bolstered its wellness programme ahead of the summer season and from 13 to 23 August, celebrity trainer and founder of fitnessartz, Artur Zolkiewicz, will be hosting the first of what will become a series of fitness residences. With clients such as British celebrities, journalists and models, Zolkiewicz has been
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Learn How to Rock Climb!

Ever thought of picking up a low-impact sport that allows you to improve your strength, flexibility and challenge your problem solving skills? Climbing is just that – and it’s one of the rare sports that allows you little breaks to chat, snack and mingle! This full-day course is suitable for adults and teenagers age 13
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Mark Macdonald

Interview with Fitness Guru Mark Macdonald

When nutritionist and renowned fitness guru, Mark Macdonald, was in town recently to promote his new weight management programme, we took the chance to speak to him to find out more about the programme, his books as well as his prolific career of coaching many professional athletes such as Olympic Gold Medallists, Shawn Johnson (Gymnastics)
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Suspension – Body Weight Workout

This workout is a form of suspension training bodyweight exercise that helps to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the suspension trainer, a portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete hundreds of exercises. Experience includes: Body weight workout Suspension training flexibility,
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