Benefits of Massaging Your Baby

In many South Asian countries, it is standard practise to massage an infant and the new mother. It’s been a well-established fact for centuries that massaging the infant has a number of health benefits. However, what has always been up for debate is which benefits are greater – whether it’s mineral oil or virgin coconut
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better skin

Tips to Having Better Skin

If you want smooth and bright skin, there are a few easy steps to take regularly before bedtime to ensure better skin. Of course, you cannot expect overnight results but with consistent efforts, you will definitely see improvements or simply, maintenance of your skin’s health. Cleanse your skin Laneige Homme Active Water Cleanser US$19 Laneige
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vitamin c

Does Your Skin Need Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is often thought of as the vitamin to cure the common cold. But little do people know that the humble Vitamin C helps prevent wrinkles! It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in the synthesis of collagen, which helps to give our skin strength and, most importantly, elasticity. Thus, skin looks firmer, smoother
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What is the Difference Between Sunblock and Sunscreen?

Living in sunny Singapore (or any tropical city for that matter) means that we get plenty of sun all year round. A lot of beauty experts have been advising everyone to slap on sunscreen or sunblock every single day. Even if we are staying indoors and think that we will not receive any harmful rays
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Know Your Skin’s Undertone

When I studied graphic design as well as make up, I had to study colours and this really helped me when it comes to picking the right colours for clothes and make up for myself as well as for clients. Hence, knowing your skin’s undertone helps you pick suitable clothes, make up and even hair
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great singapore sale

5 Awesome Sites to Check Out this GSS

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS for short) has started and that means that a lot of stores will be shelling out discounts and products for every shopper to enjoy. While the city is buzzing with tourists and citizens going out to try and get the best deals possible, we ourselves have decided to make our
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7 Home Remedies to Treat Eyebags

Having ‘panda eyes’? Puffy eyes or dark rings are often a result of your body being tired, an allergic reaction or simply because you’re ill. No matter what caused your chronic eyebag, having them will make you look tired and ill, which is not desired if you need to look sharp for that crucial business meeting
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Dove’s Image_Hack Aims to Create a New Perception of Women

Today we’ll talk about another company that’s quickly making its way into our hearts. Dove. Dove has been known for holding a lot of progressive campaigns but this new one shows a new type of ambition we never thought possible.

beauty products

5 Must Have Beauty Products for Beginners

There are so many beauty products in the market that it is really hard to figure out which are the essentials and which are the “good to have”. Fear no more and let a make up artist give you the low down. Moreover, this list of must-have items recommended are not just easy to use, they are
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BeautyFresh Warehouse Sale

Ladies, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a make up warehouse sale that’s coming up! From 30 March till 1 April 2017, you can get cosmetics by Chanel, M.A.C., NARS, La Mer, Jo Malone and even Dior at up to 80% discount! Organised by BeautyFresh, this warehouse sale will be held at 1 Jalan
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skincare workshop

DIY Organic Skincare Workshop

Commercial skin care products enlist many different chemicals to achieve fast visible effects, but often leave undesirable side effects too. Even though most countries require all ingredients in the product to be listed, but we still have cases where some companies are dishonest or withhold information. How can we be certain of what is exactly
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problem with positivity

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 23: The Problem With Positivity

We’re sure that you’ve seen those “Quotes of the Day” on social media which reeks of positivity or asking you to keep a positive mindset. You have probably also met that person who keeps telling you that things will come your way if you keep a positive mindset and are confident. However, is this whole
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anti-acne skincare

Anti-acne Skincare – Boxing Day Giveaway!

It’s Boxing Day but the spirit of Christmas is still alive! We’re giving away this set of anti-acne skincare products to ONE lucky winner. Alba Botanica’s anti-acne skincare range is all natural and made with vegetarian products. Great for teens and even adults who do get the occasional spots. The full set will definitely help
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