Healthy Mooncakes

Healthy Mooncakes, Tasty Mooncakes

Last time we had a go at finding healthy lunch deliveries for all of you so that eating healthy can be more convenient and tastes good at the same time. Now with Mid-Autumn Festival coming soon, we take up the challenge of finding healthy mooncakes. Don’t get me wrong, eating an entire mooncake in one Read more about Healthy Mooncakes, Tasty Mooncakes[…]


How to Take Selfies like a Pro

The art of taking selfies. It is how we can see ourselves and how others see us in this social media age. The built-in camera in our handy smartphones have enabled us to freely take selfies, and of other people and memories we wish to keep. Some people feel that this is a sign of Read more about How to Take Selfies like a Pro[…]

Styling Inspired by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

The Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 collection was released in stores last month and our Wellness Insider team just had to be on the guest list! The styling was done at the Marc Jacobs’ popup store at The Paragon in Orchard Road as this SS’17 collection sees a lot of colours, especially in patchwork and we wanted the Read more about Styling Inspired by Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017 Collection[…]

speed networking

Finding Your Business Date

The first ever speed networking session by The Wellness Insider was held on Wednesday night in the cosy settings of Soulfit Studio with fourteen wellness practitioners, whose specialties range from body fitness, health products to genetic-related fields. The number of attendees were limited in order to ensure that everyone had the chance to meet everyone else Read more about Finding Your Business Date[…]

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