exercise during period

Best Exercises When You Have Your Period

Who likes to exercise during one’s period? There are cramps, feeling tired, lethargic and overall yucky. Even if you exercise regularly, there might be some positions or workouts that just make you feel a little lightheaded. But all of us know logically that if we skip a week of exercise, it will start to break Read more about Best Exercises When You Have Your Period[…]

Pee To Get Your Health Analysed

What if you could know whether you were healthy or not based on your urine? Yeah, we thought it was a bit weird too, but it has some basis. Scientists from College London, Newcastle University and Aberystwyth University are developing a new urine analysis method where they can then tell a person’s health and therefore, enable the patient to know what he or she should eat more or cut back on.


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sugar drinks

Shaking Off Sugar Part 1 – A Dentist Explains

That sweet taste of sugar.  A delicious dessert, a sweet kopi (coffee) or fruit juice.  Sugar seems to be everywhere and is in most of the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis.  Recently, it has gained the attention of the media and amongst the health profession. So what’s the deal?


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healthy fats

Foods Rich In Fat That You Should Eat

Seems like a contradiction to eat foods high in fat but that’s just it! We were told to eat as little fat as possible, which resulted in people eating so-called ‘low fat’ processed foods that were also bad for us in the long run. Yes, there is such a thing has healthy fats as fats are Read more about Foods Rich In Fat That You Should Eat[…]


Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 27: How Much Happiness Do You Deserve?

How much happiness do you deserve? Or rather, how much do you think you deserve and how happy are you right now? Many people are often lost or they find that they can never be 100% happy with their lives but is this really true? We explore this with Anna Tan, founder of SoulFit Studios and Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 27: How Much Happiness Do You Deserve?[…]

life purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

What is your life purpose? Many of us still struggle to answer that question and guess what? You’re not alone. If you would like to discover more about yourself and how to live the life you truly want, join Anna of SoulFit Studios in this Coffee Session on 2nd or 4th March. Registration is at Read more about Finding Your Life Purpose[…]

green juice

The Truth About Green Juices and Smoothies

The popularity of green juices and smoothies have been increasing over the years, especially when health magazines or ‘experts’ have been expounding the virtues of drinking your veggies rather than chewing them. It kinda makes sense, considering that we often eat less vegetables than we’re supposed to and drinking green juices or smoothies is a Read more about The Truth About Green Juices and Smoothies[…]


Calcium and Its Possible Effects On Memory

We’ve all heard about the effects of calcium. It’s the reason why you were told to drink milk when you were a child; since it allows your bones to become tougher and also lets you grow stronger. However, calcium has more than just physical benefits, it can also help the mind by increasing your learning capability as well as your long-term memory. Unfortunately, it wasn’t till recently that research on the effects that calcium has on memory was done in more detail.


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outdoor pilates

Outdoor Pilates – Hong Lim Park

Get ready to challenge your core in this outdoor pilates class! You will be doing various prone and supine exercises that will help develop your core strength and stability. Some examples include plank and boat variations. Remember, the core is not just about your abdominal muscles, it’s also about your back, pelvic floor and hips. By Read more about Outdoor Pilates – Hong Lim Park[…]

financial health

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 26: Common Mistakes Affecting Financial Health

Do you know the status of your financial health? If you do, great! If you don’t, you’re not alone. We kick off our latest season of Melissa’s Table Top Talk with Elsa Lim of Money Fit Coach as we talk about the common mistakes people make that affect their financial health. Below is an excerpt Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 26: Common Mistakes Affecting Financial Health[…]

prostate cancer

Could Hormonal Therapy Help Improve Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is one of the most common diseases that men can develop throughout their lives, akin to breast cancer for women. Because of this, a lot of research has been put into figuring out ways to deal with it as, even when treated, 30% of patients can have a recurrence at some point in their lives.


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Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies

This is not a drop-in class. Please make sure you have attended a two-hour Art of Feminine Presence preview prior to signing up for this. Please check all available dates here. Are you ready? This is not your average one day workshop! Get ready for major results! You will experience practices that instantly shift you into Read more about Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies[…]

thigh gap

Thigh Gap Jewellery, Anyone?

There was a trend on social media where lots of girls would use the hashtag #thighgap as a goal and many sought to lose weight so that they could be skinny enough to get a thigh gap. Then came this website with the brand TGAP that sold Thigh Gap Jewellery with each costing about S$185. Read more about Thigh Gap Jewellery, Anyone?[…]

feminine workshop

Powerful & Radiantly Feminine – for Ladies

This preview is a requirement to attend Ero’s Coaching Innately Feminine – Full Day Practice for Ladies. Check the dates here. There is a mysterious force that has us looking at a woman and saying “Whatever she’s having… I want that”. It has nothing to do the clothes she wears or the money she has. There is Read more about Powerful & Radiantly Feminine – for Ladies[…]

health challenges

Why We Don’t Do Health Challenges

It seems like there is always some fitness or health challenge going on these days and they’re often promoted via social media. From 100 sit-ups a day or no-sugar for 30 days, there seems to be some sort of challenge for you to get into. Don’t get us wrong, they can be a good source Read more about Why We Don’t Do Health Challenges[…]

hatha vinyasa

Pop Up Yoga (East Coast Park)

For the love of health and wellness, Pop Up Yoga is an approach to give people more opportunities to explore this beautiful practice. The first in Singapore, Pop Up Yoga is an initiative, a movement, to allow more in the same community to meet, inspire and sustain each other in the path to leading a healthier and happier lifestyle. Read more about Pop Up Yoga (East Coast Park)[…]

healthy image

What Does It Mean to Be Healthy? This Picture Challenges You to Guess

Losing weight  and staying healthy can be a tough thing for a lot of people, whether it’d be exercising, dieting or just trying not to eat, it’s something that can be tough on a lot of people. Because of this we also have a warped view about health, associating weight loss with good health, physical Read more about What Does It Mean to Be Healthy? This Picture Challenges You to Guess[…]

love actually

A Belated V-Day Special: Love Actually

Fall in love with yourself Have you heard of this phrase: “We need to love ourselves before we can love anyone else”? This is so true. We attract what we are. Just how can we deepen our love for ourselves by ourselves? My answer: Even more love. In this session, we will support you to Read more about A Belated V-Day Special: Love Actually[…]


The Art of Femininity and Being a Strong Woman

Femininity. I bet that when you read that word, you had some stereotypes running through your head – burning bras, opinionated women being loud and in-your-face about it or a helpless damsel-in-distress girl who is dressed in frills. Notice something? Why does femininity (and feminism, which tends to be lumped into it) have a slightly Read more about The Art of Femininity and Being a Strong Woman[…]

love relationships

A Belated V-Day Special: Navigating Love, Sex and Relationships

Do you feel lost when it comes to love, sex and relationships? Do you wonder why you keep making the same mistakes when it comes to your relationships? Do you want heard from real people who are willing to be vulnerable and share everything they know with you? There is so much secrecy and shame Read more about A Belated V-Day Special: Navigating Love, Sex and Relationships[…]


Are You A Taker In The Workplace?

Recently watched this TED Talk by organisational psychologist, Adam Grant, about personalities in the workplace. People in the workplace can be categorised into three basic types: the giver, the taker and the matcher. Knowing these personalities and how they affect your work culture and the productivity (plus overall happiness) is key, which is why the interview process Read more about Are You A Taker In The Workplace?[…]

Chinese Chicken Dishes to Feast On

In honour of the Lunar New Year, which celebrates the year of the Fiery Rooster, why not feast on some delectable chicken dishes? We have a list of chicken recipes that we think are great for both young and old. Best part? We’ve modified these traditional dishes such that they’re a lot healthier. After all, you would want to eat them beyond the 15 days of Lunar New Year!


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Chinese New Year Is Saved from Sugar by This Badass Kung-Fu Fighter

Sugar darts should definitely be a thing. And that’s just one of the crazy, yet fun, things that appear in Singapore Health Promotion Board’s recent YouTube video “Kungfu Fighter, Hidden Sugar”. If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly encourage you to do so. It’s not surprising how it has become so popular in just Read more about Chinese New Year Is Saved from Sugar by This Badass Kung-Fu Fighter[…]

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