piloxing classes

Get Fit With Piloxing

Piloxing is a new and exciting form of fitness exercise. It incorporates a mix of pilates, dance and boxing into a fat-burning and muscle-sculpting workout that is both fun and challenging. The power, speed and ability of boxing is combined with the beautiful sculpting and flexibility of pilates. In addition to the movements, the exercise employs Read more about Get Fit With Piloxing[…]

je-taime perfume

Perfume Workshop – Make Your Own Signature Scent

During this workshop, you will be guided by Prachi, founder of Je t’aime Perfumery, who will teach you how to create a perfume for yourself or someone you love. Take a “Perfume Personality test”, explore which ingredients fit your personality, start putting them into a bottle and by the end you will have created your unique Signature Scent. Read more about Perfume Workshop – Make Your Own Signature Scent[…]

kombucha workshop

Our First Basic Kombucha Workshop

We conducted our first Basic Kombucha Workshop as well as our first workshop for the year on the 21st January 2017. Although the workshop was limited to only ten people, it was soon oversubscribed and there is a short waiting list for the next workshop. Looks like there are a lot of people who know Read more about Our First Basic Kombucha Workshop[…]

skincare workshop

DIY Organic Skincare Workshop

Commercial skin care products enlist many different chemicals to achieve fast visible effects, but often leave undesirable side effects too. Even though most countries require all ingredients in the product to be listed, but we still have cases where some companies are dishonest or withhold information. How can we be certain of what is exactly Read more about DIY Organic Skincare Workshop[…]

drumming workout

POUND – Rockout. Workout

POUND® – Rockout. Workout. is the world’s first full body drumming workout that combines cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates-inspired movements. Join a class on 23 Jan or 31 Jan for only S$22! It is suitable for all levels, although we do recommend first-timers to pace yourselves according to your own fitness level. POUND® is all about letting Read more about POUND – Rockout. Workout[…]

Veggie Chips Recipes You Just Have to Try Out

You’re having a munchies and you really need to put something into your stomach before you get hangry but it’s only 2 hours away from dinner. Wait, don’t reach out for that bag of potato chips in front of you (assuming you have one, work with me here). If you’re someone that’s trying to be healthy you have to know that those chips are nowhere near something you should have due to their high calorie and salt level without getting into the fact that they’re usually fried. Veggie chips are the solution for you.


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workout mistakes

Easy Exercises You Can Do at Home

Time to feel the burn! What you heard weren’t just overly excited screams, it’s your inner voice telling you to get up and exercise. But what should you start with? Maybe you can’t afford to go to the gym or don’t have time to jog every day. But don’t worry, we’ve got a list of easy exercises that you can do quickly and without much trouble. There’s NO excuse as all of them can be easily done in the comfort of your home in barely 10 minutes.


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workout gear

Workout Gear For Women To Keep You Movin’

They say clothes maketh the (wo)man…and there’s actual psychology behind that! Which is why your workout gear can actually motivate you to go to the gym! We’re not kidding. It’s called “enclothed cognition” and it basically means that particular clothing affects the way you mentally feel. The study suggests that what you put on influences Read more about Workout Gear For Women To Keep You Movin’[…]

pumpkin salad

Pumpkin Salad With Chicken & Avocado

Come January all I want is greens, and as I’m not a fan of a boring leafy salads that never fill you, you’re always gonna see me add quality protein and good fats! This simple salad of mixed organic leaves, roasted pumpkin and turmeric baked chicken with avocado did the job for dinner, and as Read more about Pumpkin Salad With Chicken & Avocado[…]

changing body image

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 25: Changing Body Image With Clothes

This week sees special guest Clare Chan, a fashion designer with costume background, who is also a cosplayer. We talk about how clothes and changing them affects one’s body image and how cosplaying helps boost confidence. Clare even brought her latest mask and ‘ears’ from the last costume she wore and got me cracking to Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 25: Changing Body Image With Clothes[…]


Nursing a Hangover and Minimising The Next One

You might’ve toasted the holidays or partied the night with lots of bubbly or other choices of alcohol where you wake up the day after with a pounding headache, cottony feeling in your mouth and the contents of your stomach feels like it will soon defy gravity and spew out. Welcome to hangover hell. If you’re Read more about Nursing a Hangover and Minimising The Next One[…]


Wellness Speed Networking

Heard of speed dating? Then think of our Wellness Speed Networking as speed dating in the business world where each participant gets 2 minutes to pitch to each other and find out whether they’re able to either collaborate or refer someone else. Because we’re The Wellness Insider, we will be focusing on the wellness industry for Read more about Wellness Speed Networking[…]

miss top of the world

Miss Top of the World Plus Size, Fiona Tan, is Body Confident

We recently caught up with Fiona again in this new year as we reflect on what 2016 has brought. The plus size beauty is passionate about empowering women, especially those who are plus sized, to feel good about themselves. The Wellness Insider recently caught up with the plucky 29 year old to find out what Read more about Miss Top of the World Plus Size, Fiona Tan, is Body Confident[…]

Reasons For Thinning Hair, How to Fix Them & What to Eat for Healthier Hair

Read these two articles on Oprah.com about thinning hair as well as maintaining healthy hair. We decided to combine them into one article because it is not only important to fix problems but to also maintain the good. Our additional comments will be in italics. You’re Noticing: Thinning Along the Hairline  Likely cause: Regularly yanking your hair back Read more about Reasons For Thinning Hair, How to Fix Them & What to Eat for Healthier Hair[…]

my anje

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 24: Designing Atheleisure Wear MY ANJE

This week, I speak to Angelina Francesca, the designer of local athleisure wear MY ANJE, to find out why she decided to design active wear (sports wear for those who aren’t familiar with the terms ‘atheleisure’ and ‘active wear’) instead of ‘normal’ clothing. We find out what sort of woman she designs for and what Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 24: Designing Atheleisure Wear MY ANJE[…]

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