new year resolutions

No New Year Resolutions…Instead, Gratitude

Instead of writing New Year Resolutions, we here at The Wellness Insider have decided to write a gratitude journal instead. Why? Because life shouldn’t have just a single designated day where you make huge decisions or attempt to change. It is about thousands of small changes that you make each day. It is about any Read more about No New Year Resolutions…Instead, Gratitude[…]

benefits of chlorophyll

10 Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll

You may have heard a lot of buzz surrounding the healthiness of vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables with deep, rich colour tones. In many ways, they’re perfect foods and part of the credit is owed to the chlorophyll they contain. Chlorophyll is a green pigment that’s instrumental in photosynthesis. Research also suggests it’s instrumental in promoting good Read more about 10 Amazing Benefits of Chlorophyll[…]

family fitness

5 Fun Family Fitness Activities

In this digital age where we’re often on our smart devices, children are busy with video games and it may seem like we can’t live without our computers. That said, it is important to ditch these electronic devices aside and get active together as a family as explained in Melissa’s Table Top Talk on Digital Read more about 5 Fun Family Fitness Activities[…]

problem with positivity

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 23: The Problem With Positivity

We’re sure that you’ve seen those “Quotes of the Day” on social media which reeks of positivity or asking you to keep a positive mindset. You have probably also met that person who keeps telling you that things will come your way if you keep a positive mindset and are confident. However, is this whole Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 23: The Problem With Positivity[…]

anti-acne skincare

Anti-acne Skincare – Boxing Day Giveaway!

It’s Boxing Day but the spirit of Christmas is still alive! We’re giving away this set of anti-acne skincare products to ONE lucky winner. Alba Botanica’s anti-acne skincare range is all natural and made with vegetarian products. Great for teens and even adults who do get the occasional spots. The full set will definitely help Read more about Anti-acne Skincare – Boxing Day Giveaway![…]


5 Tips to Prevent Anaemia (Low Red Blood Cell Count)

Anaemia is the deficiency of haemoglobin in our blood – the red cells that carry oxygen throughout our bodies. Not having enough oxygen is never a good thing. And if we didn’t already have enough to worry about, women have a higher risk of being anaemic than men. Some common symptoms of Anaemia, according to the Health Read more about 5 Tips to Prevent Anaemia (Low Red Blood Cell Count)[…]


The Importance of Your Health as told by Poop

Nobody really likes to talk about poop. After all, it’s waste that your body is trying to get rid off, isn’t it? While that is true, it is also an indication of your body’s current health as explained by Nutritionist and Acupuncturist Melissa Ramos in the following TEDx talk. Ramos’ talk comes timely with a Read more about The Importance of Your Health as told by Poop[…]

kombucha workshop

Basic Kombucha Workshop

Come join us in this basic kombucha workshop where we will teach you how to make this fermented tea as well as educate you about nutrition and the benefits of probiotics. Seats are limited, so do book yours today! What is Kombucha? It is a variety of fermented tea that is produced using a “Symbiotic Read more about Basic Kombucha Workshop[…]


Heartburn – That Uncomfortable Feeling

So you’ve had a full, satisfying meal. Those taste buds have been tantalised and you’re content. Slowly, that uncomfortable feeling starts creeping up from your stomach and makes it way to your throat. It’s very uncomfortable, a burning like sensation. Where once your tongue experienced divine tastes, it now tastes all bitter and you feel Read more about Heartburn – That Uncomfortable Feeling[…]

flower elixirs katie hess

Flower Power Interview with Katie Hess

Aromatherapy is quite common but did you know that there is such a thing as floral apothecary? Meet Katie Hess – flower alchemist, founder of LOTUSWEI, one of the world’s leading floral apothecaries that produces flower elixirs, and she has recently added ‘author’ into her list of titles with the launch of her book “Flowerevolution”. Katie Read more about Flower Power Interview with Katie Hess[…]

laughter yoga

New Year Laughter Yoga – it’s Free!

Experience Laughter Yoga for FREE if you haven’t done so! Say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with loads of laughter! We will begin 10 am sharp and proceed for drinks + lunch afterwards. Do stay behind and join us! Laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a practice involving prolonged voluntary laughter. Laughter yoga is based on the Read more about New Year Laughter Yoga – it’s Free![…]

fiona tan

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 22: Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016

So glad to interview the lovely Fiona Tan, who is the first Asian to participate AND win the title of Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016! She bagged Singapore yet another international win and has been inspiring women of all sizes to be body confident. So in this week’s episode of Melissa’s Table Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 22: Fiona Tan, Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016[…]

stress apps

5 Apps That can Help With Stress Relief

Are you dealing with a lot of stress but don’t have time to do any stress relieving exercises? Well thankfully, living in this day and age offers a lot of advantages and for just that we have decided to showcase a few stress relieving apps that will help you get rid of some of that stress.

charity yoga

Om Is Where the HeART Is

‘Om Is Where The HeART is’ is Community Chest’s Christmas fundraising yoga event that allows the public to take the chance to pay-it-forward while amalgamating health and wellness. Wellness Meets Art for First Ever Charity Christmas Yoga Event at the National Gallery is supported by well-known yoga influencers such as Yoga Lab founder Jasmine Chong and Yoga Read more about Om Is Where the HeART Is[…]

knee surgery

Expert Views Episode 7: When Do You Need Knee Surgery?

In last week’s episode, we learned from Dr Suresh that younger adults are now starting to be diagnosed with arthritis, and that it is a result of being more aware plus how we are more active in sports without proper muscle strengthening.  However, there are cases where the pain or injury is so bad, that knee Read more about Expert Views Episode 7: When Do You Need Knee Surgery?[…]

veg in diet

12 Vegetables to Add In Your Diet (no salads involved)

Not everyone likes veggies (especially picky children) but everyone knows the benefits of eating more vegetables or at least, having them in your meal. Whether you’re one of the veggie haters or not, here are 12 vegetables (some are technically fruits or flowers) to add in your diet and how to sneak them into your Read more about 12 Vegetables to Add In Your Diet (no salads involved)[…]

vegan 101

Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 21: Vegan 101

With so many hits on the article that Luke wrote about the increasing popularity on Veganism, we decided to talk to Luke and his wife, Emilie, both of whom are vegan athletes and the founders of Live Green Live Lean to get a Vegan 101 from them. We learned a little bit more about why Read more about Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 21: Vegan 101[…]

habits to lose weight

5 Habits to Help With Weight Loss

With this holiday season, it is often hard to maintain your weight goals due to all the feasting that is involved. However, fret not as we give you some tips and habits to lose weight or simply ensure that you do not overeat. Moreover, these are habits that you can continue after Christmas, thus ensuring a sustainable method of either maintaining or losing weight.


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christmas party

Fun & Flirty Christmas Party!

The Wellness Insider has teamed up with the folks at SAUCEink to bring you a Christmas Party that will be fun and flirty *wink wink*! This is definitely one for the ladies as it’s all about YOU and how you can feel confident during the holidays as well as plan your wardrobe and image for Read more about Fun & Flirty Christmas Party![…]

chronic back pain

Amazing Things Really Are Possible

We often associate chronic back pain and headaches with older people. Imagine, then, the desperation of Peter, a twelve-year-old, outgoing, sporty boy, who had been diagnosed with two bulging discs, fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. Each and every day was an exhausting physical, emotional, and mental struggle. It was also incredibly stressful for his parents and Read more about Amazing Things Really Are Possible[…]

power flowers

The Healing Power of Flowers

We’ve all heard of aromatherapy, but do you know about the healing power of flowers? Please join us for the launch of the beautiful book, Flowerevolution with author Katie Hess, a flower alchemist and the founder of Lotus Wei, one of the world’s leading floral Apothecaries. Her book has been praised by Ariana Huffington, and Katie’s handcrafted flower Read more about The Healing Power of Flowers[…]

laughter yoga

Boxing Day Laughter Yoga – it’s Free!

Experience Laughter Yoga for FREE if you haven’t done so! This month’s session will be on Boxing Day where you can continue the merriment from Christmas over and enjoy a workout with friends after the feasting from the days before. FREE Laughter Yoga for up to one hour at the green grass above Raffles Place MRT. Read more about Boxing Day Laughter Yoga – it’s Free![…]


Expert Views Episode 6: Arthritis – Not An Age Old Problem Anymore

When you think of someone suffering from Arthritis, the stereotype would be that of an elderly person with knobbly knees. However, we learn from Dr Suresh that younger adults are now starting to be diagnosed with arthritis. Just what is arthritis and why are younger people getting it? We find out more from the orthopaedic Read more about Expert Views Episode 6: Arthritis – Not An Age Old Problem Anymore[…]

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