Fitness Couples Compete In Fitness 360


Singapore’s first ever mixed gender fitness competition “Fitness 360 Couples Challenge” is slated to have their Grand Finals happening this coming Friday, 4th November. Organised by 6Productions and supported by The Wellness Insider,Fitness 360 is a brand new concept and the first-of-its-kind in Singapore where both males and females compete together on a level playing field, which is almost unheard of especially in the Fitness Industry. Males and Females are then paired up to form a couple and compete together in a series of challenges.

This new concept goes above and beyond the norms of a fitness competition, where a journey was created for the contestants to achieve their fitness goals by not only training them in the gym but also creating different exciting lifestyle activities to teach them that being fit and healthy can also be fun!

The intention behind this challenge was to create The Ultimate Fitness Experience for our contestants by motivating them and showing them the difference between being fit and being healthy. Throughout the challenge, contestants were given a complete and holistic view on fitness which encompasses more than just exercise or trainings and instead, teach them the concept of being healthy, which is more sustainable for them in their day to day activities.


Apart from making our contestants undergo vigorous trainings throughout the week, to bring a bit of excitement and the lifestyle element to our competition, the organisers created a series of mini events in which the contestants went head-to-head for their subsidiary titles and to see who will prevail.

We cordially invite you to come witness this show-stopping event as Our Fitness 360 Couples battle it out on stage on 4th November  at Zouk Singapore for the coveted title of The Best Couple!

To purchase tickets, do use the promo code WELLIN at the registration site www.fitness360.peatix.com. Each ticket is S$43 and includes entry to the after-party and 1 complimentary drink.


Photo credits: 6Productions

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How To Slow Down The Signs of Aging

We did a webinar with Natalie Turner of Energise Life earlier this year and didn’t manage to post the recording until recently. Please pardon the first few seconds of the blank screen as we were trying to figure out the whole mechanism of it all.

Regardless, this is a good and short presentation on the science behind cosmeceuticals and how new discoveries are used to help slow down the signs of aging from the outside as well as inside. Natalie also gives some practical tips on how to maintain your youthful appearance!

All products mentioned can be purchased here.

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Homemade Cashew Butter

Cashew Nut Butter

I decided to make my own cashew butter because:

  1. It’s so simple
  2. Contains less sugar and preservatives than store bought ones
  3. Cheaper

The recipe is so easy that you would start making your own nut butters and will last you for a good week if you eat it everyday.

What you’ll need:

  • 200g cashew nuts (I prefer to buy the roasted ones but you can get them raw and then roast them yourself)
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil (optional)
  • honey/maple syrup to taste (optional)


  1. If you haven’t roasted your cashew, please roast them in an oven at about 110 deg C till they turn light brown. Leave them to cool.
  2. Whip out your food processor and then start grinding the nuts.
  3. When it’s in powder form, add in the vanilla extract and honey/maple syrup. I didn’t add in any sweet stuff in my personal jar.
  4. Blend for 5 min. Don’t skimp on the time because you want the butter to be smooth and…buttery.
  5. Taste and add in more vanilla extract/honey/maple syrup if needed.
  6. Blend for another minute.
  7. Add in the coconut oil if you prefer a firmer butter to spread on your toast and blend the mixture for a bit longer.
  8. Refrigerate and you’re done!

I love eating it with toast, drizzled with a bit of honey or chocolate. If you’re cooking Butter Chicken, this works as a great thickener as well. Sometimes, when I’m having a snack attack, I just dig out a spoonful of my cashew butter and it works well for the cravings.

I’m now so keen to try making other nut butters! You could say that I’m getting a bit nutty. Hahaha!

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Drinking More Water Reduces Sugar, Sodium and Saturated Fat Intake

Based on the fact that about two thirds of our bodies are comprised of water, it may seem obvious that consuming water is important for our health. But a new study finds that by increasing plain water consumption, we can control our weight and reduce intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat.

The study, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, is led by Prof. Ruopeng An, from the University of Illinois.

Though most people meet their body’s fluid requirements by drinking plain water and other beverages, we also get some fluids through certain foods, such as soup broths, celery, tomatoes and melons.

To further investigate how increasing water intake can affect parameters of health, the researchers used a nationally representative sample of more than 18,300 adults in the US from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2005-2012.

The researchers asked participants to recall all foods and drinks they consumed on 2 days that were between 3-10 days apart.

Prof. An then calculated the amount of plain water that each participant consumed as a percentage of daily dietary water intake from both foods and drinks.

Although drinks such as black tea, herbal tea and coffee were not assessed as sources of plain water, Prof. An did include their water content in the calculations of total water consumption.

Promoting water consumption: a public health strategy

On a daily basis, the participants consumed an average of about 4.2 cups of plain water, which accounts for just over 30% of their total water consumption.

The average calorie intake for each participant was 2,157 calories, which included 125 calories from sugar-sweetened beverages and 432 calories from “discretionary foods” – desserts, pastries, snack mixes and other foods that are not essential.

The results of the study revealed that people who increased their consumption of plain water by one to three cups daily lowered total energy intake by 68-205 calories each day and their sodium intake by 78-235 g each day.

For purposes of the study, “plain water” was defined as water from a tap, cooler, drinking fountain or bottle.

Further results showed that the people who increased their water consumption also consumed 5-18 g less sugar, as well as 7-21 g less cholesterol.

“This finding indicates that it might be sufficient to design and deliver universal nutrition interventions and education campaigns that promote plain water consumption in replacement of beverages with calories in diverse population subgroups without profound concerns about message and strategy customization,” says Prof. An.

He and his team add that these effects were similar across race, ethnicity, education attainment, income level and body weight status, however, they were larger among males than females, and among young or middle-aged adults than older adults.

Prof. An suggests these differences could have been linked with the higher daily calorie intakes associated with men and young or middle-aged adults.

The researchers conclude their study by noting that “promoting plain water intake could be a useful public health strategy for reducing energy and targeted nutrient consumption in US adults, which warrants confirmation in future controlled interventions.”

Source: MedicalNewsToday.com

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Is Vitamin Injection Good For The Skin?

A 2014 article in Harper’s Bazaar mentioned “VitaGlow” to be the hottest trend in skincare, where vitamins are injected directly into the skin and supposed to have a pronounced anti-aging effect. This type of injection is commonly called ‘mesotherapy’ and it has caught on in Hollywood, being endorsed by the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston.

Here’s a video of someone having mesotherapy done in front of a TV audience by a cosmetic surgeon and she explains more about what mesotherapy is and it’s benefits.

A quick search online showed that in Singapore, the few aesthetic-clinics that provide this service are:

  • Parsons Medical (Yishun)
  • Pacific Clinic & Surgery (Orchard Paragon)

Interestingly enough, in Asia, mesotherapy and even Vitamin IV procedures are marketed to women for whitening their skins whereas in Europe and America, it is more for anti-aging. Only goes to show what women in these parts of the world care about. Nonetheless, one cannot deny that the effects of vitamin injections are akin to getting a face-lift minus the down time.

These injections do not come cheap. On average, they cost about S$300 each jab and you have to go for regular sessions in order to see the effects and maintain them.

As with relatively invasive procedures, if you’re interested to do mesotherapy, please ensure that you look for a qualified dermatologist or professional to ensure that you are getting actual vitamins injected into your skin. Talk to them to find out what side effects may occur and what exactly the treatment entails.

We reckon that if you can’t afford these injections, applying vitamins onto your face through facial masks or facial mists or serums will produce similar effects, albeit less dramatic. Do what you feel comfortable with and can afford.

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Expert Views Episode 1: 3 Things Your Fitness Trainer Did NOT Tell You

We are proud to announce the launch of our first season of Wellness Experts talkshow! In this episode, we talk about the 3 Things Your Fitness Trainer Did NOT Tell You with Ooi Lay Yong.

Lay Yong is an investor, author and the founder of 4 fitness companies. She is currently the co-founder and Managing Director of BodyTree GST, a gymnastic strength training studio. She started as a Pilates teacher, helping clients to move better. Today, she works to create fitness businesses for high achievers who want a unique experience, while helping them to look good and perform at their peak.

Through her own practice and joint problems – she used to suffer from chronic shoulder pain for over 10 years due to many long hours at the computer – she is on a mission to educate people to address the lack of joint mobility early in their lives. Lack of joint mobility is a leading cause of aches and pains in adults.

Thus, this video talks about how you may be training in a way that’s more harmful to your body than helping you keep fit. Tune in to find out more.

Lay Yong is the author of “Born to Move: 5 Steps to Mobility Fitness and Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains” which can be bought at major bookstores in Singapore or online.

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Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 15: Taking the Taboo Out of the Bedroom (M18)

This week, Melissa interviewed Rachel, the Sinsational Director of Ohh Lah Lah as they discussed why it is important to take the Taboo Out of the Bedroom and have a healthy conversation about sex. It is especially in this digital age where children are learning about the birds and bees from porn, which is fake and this results in unhealthy perceptions about sex.

Catch the ‘live’ version of Melissa’s Table Top Talk every Tue, 8.30pm (Singapore Time) at Wellness Insider’s Facebook page. To be updated on the latest episodes, you can also subscribe via our YouTube channel.

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